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The season of pumpkin spice is upon us girlies and we should talk about Halloween costumes, make-up, and more! So run to your nearest coffee shop, grab your favorite pumpkin spice beverage and let’s plan some hot fun sissy-inspired looks this season.
Spooky up your Sissy Style with Tips from Ms. Riley

Sissy Costume Ideas for Halloween

1. First up is a personal favorite of mine, the ever-so-classy medical malpractice nurse. For this, any naughty nurse costume in your size will do. Next step if you don’t have long hair, grab a wig at any Halloween costume shop. I think any below the shoulder length will look perfect! You’ll want to use a straighten if you have one to get a good professional look, careful not to overcook the hair of course! The make-up for this look is very simple, use your primer then add a light foundation to smooth out your complexion. Add a pink rosy blush to highlight the cheekbones. For eyes mascara, and dark eye-shadow black/or blue works. Don’t be afraid to overdo it, trust me if you do it doesn’t affect the look at all. Finish up with the brightest crimson red lipstick you can get your naughty hands on. Then as a finishing touch, add some crimson finish to random areas of the costume, and a little on your face as you see fit. Ben Nye is a great brand for getting all your stage make-up needs. Finish with black heels.

2. Now maybe scary isn’t your spooky sissy style, perhaps a more classic beauty approach is what you’re itching for this Halloween. Then let’s break out a princess gown! I suggest getting one that is pink or blue, grab a wig that you find appealing. Style your hair in either an elegant bun or braided. Something sleek that will really help make a pretty crown pop! For your make-up, again keep it simple. Think rosy cheeks, supple pink lips, and use an eye shadow that will make the color of your eyes pop. For blue eyes neutral shades, for brown eyes you can really go with any, but I prefer red or pink. Green or hazel eyes can never go wrong with red and pink as well. For footwear go with either white heels, or a color that matches your gown or dress.

3. Personally, I think every sissy has thought back a little and thought being a prom queen would be a dream come true. Well, guess what you can be! Grab yourself a dress and a sash that says prom queen, tiara, and bam. Prom queen for Halloween! This one you can do a lot similar to the princess look, however, you can leave your hair down. And it’s totally your decision if you want to add a little Carrie horror style to it with some splashing of red stage make-up as you see fit.

Have a Wonderful Sissy Style Halloween

Overall I think Halloween is the best time of year and the best excuse to stock up on girlie supplies that any other time of the year might get you strange looks. Not saying you won’t get some, but you’ll certainly get a lot less. Plus it is so much easier to get your hands on handy wigs, make-up, and other accessories when every Halloween store normally has a decent selection of all three. While you’re shopping go ahead and plan for next year, or just plan for your next naughty dress-up session with your favorite mistress!

So I implore you to let the creativity and naughtiness out this Halloween season girls! Embrace the dress-up spirit, just a couple of weeks away from Halloween so don’t delay when great finds are right there for your convenience. And of course, from all of us have an amazing Sissy Style Halloween this year!


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