Get smooth and sexy sissy lips.

More than Just for Kissing

I wanted to write a nice little article about the ways to color your lips, and in doing some research I realized there is just so much information out there! You have lipsticks, lip stains, lip gloss, lip balms, lip crayons, and liquid lipstick! Within those categories, you have smudge proof, long wearing, and traditional. There are different finishes, too- creamy, matte, glossy, metallic, shiny…the list goes on! Then you get into the rest of the makeup you may need! Oh my!

Soft and Smooth

Since I can’t really write a blanket advisory blog on the lip colors that compliment you best, what I can do is remind you of a few things that are appropriate across the board. First of all, exfoliate your lips to keep them smooth and supple. You can buy an exfoliator especially made for lips. You can also just run your toothbrush across your lips as you are brushing your teeth. A good moisturizing clear lip balm helps too. Make sure you wear it to bed at night for maximum effectiveness.

Smile Pretty

My second tip is to get some whitening toothpaste and whitening strips and make sure your teeth are at their peak whiteness! This really helps the lip color you eventually chose to stand out beautifully. Picking a color you like is really the fun part, in my opinion. You can select a color that speaks to you, or you can look at magazines and videos to see people with your skin tone and select something they are wearing that appeals to you. I have no trouble asking a stranger what lipstick she uses if it is especially stunning!

Be Kind to Yourself

Finally, be good to yourself. Don’t judge too harshly if you color outside the lines, or if you don’t feel like you have the ideal lip shape. Go look on youtube for videos demonstrating how to put on makeup, and practice, practice, practice. Like I always recommend, try out drugstore brands before you branch out into something more pricey! It’s fun to experiment, and truly, the brands you can buy at the drugstore are every bit as good as overpriced specialty store brands. Learning about new lip stuff is supposed to be fun and exciting, so make sure you don’t forget to have fun!