Sissy Smooth Face

Have you ever wanted the most perfectly sissy smooth face, but been stymied about how to go about getting your skin that clear and smooth? You’re in the right place, darling! I’ve got all the details for you about how to make sure your skincare routine supports both your desire for a smooth and soft […]

Sissy Skincare and Makeup Essentials

Skincare and makeup are both very important parts of looking your sissy best. The trouble is that there are so many different types of skin care products and makeup, it can get overwhelming and you can end up with a lot of products you don’t need or don’t work for you. To keep your sissy […]

Guilt Free Fragrance Ideas Any Sissy Can Wear in Public

Guilt Free Fragrance Ideas Hello, sissies! Welcome to Sissy Style Magazine. I am so excited to be writing about something I enjoy so much. Perfume. Over on my personal phonesexprincessblog I wrote this very in-depth feminization tutorial on everything you need to know about perfume. I include things about how to shop for perfume, the […]

A Secret Sissy Looks Forward to the Chill in the Air

There’s a Chill in the Night Air It’s almost time for cooler weather! Are you ready? You know, cooler weather brings about many positive changes for the secret sissy, changes you just can’t embrace during spring and summer. Not only are there changes you can make to your clothing and personal care routines, but also […]

Smooth Soft and Sexy Sissy Skin for your Summer Fun

Having that Feminine Glow With summer nearly upon us, I want to touch on a few things that will keep your skin healthy and glowing as it comes out from under your winter clothing. Whether you can dress en femme daily, nightly, or never, you still want to feel soft, smooth and sexy, and I […]

Sissy Perfume Choices for Your Feminization Final Touches

The Nose Knows Often when you start to embrace your feminine side, you have so many things to think about- clothing, hair, make-up. One more thing on that list is fragrance, and the fragrance you select can make a bold statement about you. Being a sissy means having a special sissy perfume! Pick and Choose […]

Lip Color Help and Advice for Sexy Smooth Sissy Lips

More than Just for Kissing I wanted to write a nice little article about the ways to color your lips, and in doing some research I realized there is just so much information out there! You have lipsticks, lip stains, lip gloss, lip balms, lip crayons, and liquid lipstick! Within those categories, you have smudge […]

Sissy Pageant 2019

The time has come for the LDW 2019 Sissy Pageant! The Pageant categories include: Best Overall Sissy, Best Virtual Sissy, Best Sissy Voice, Best Sissy Cosplay, Best Sissy Lingerie, Best Cute Sissy, and.Best Sissy Evening/Ball Gown. There will also be a runner up in each category. Check out the Enchantrix Empire group for more details. […]

Finding Sissy Friends and Mistresses

Your Sissy Friend Search is Over Did you know that there are multiple resources for you gurls to find a Mistress who can be your friend, your Domme, your guide, or your creator? You can also find other sissy friends in several places! First of all, you can browse through the profiles of any of […]

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