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Recently I was enjoying a very pleasant conversation with one of my sweetest sissy girls. When the conversation started about how she wishes her body was more femme. So she could feel more confident wearing pretty outfits. Of course, upon more prying, it seemed she felt having an icky man body prevented the ability to have womanly features. It was the first time I considered this being a common thought among her and probably other really amazing girlies in our sissy community. So I put together a little Sissy’s guide to showing off feminine features.

Sissy’s Guide to Showing Off Feminine Features

First off stop thinking you don’t have any feminine features or never will because you have a male body. Think simple: You just want to show off curves and features in the right places. It’s not hard when you stop beating yourself up or telling yourself it’s impossible. It’s very possible more so than you think. Here are a few tips.

1)If you don’t have a waist then FAKE IT! The only time loose clothing is acceptable when showing off (outside of comfort clothing) is when you pair a nice baggy sweater or even a baggy dress with a nice and stylish thick belt.

2)Push up bras can help an outfit such as a tight top look more eye appealing. Especially paired with a cute necklace that plunges a bit down in the front. You know where you want the boys staring.

3)Say away from beige, and completely monotone colored outfits in general. Especially black. Yes, black can be used to make you look more slimming but it can also negate the curves. Try wearing something colorful around the area that you want to make pop. Like a colorful skirt or maybe a tight dress with a belt added. And if you’re worried about your legs a pair of pantyhose goes a long way!

4)Don’t fall for the one size fits all. That is never true. You need to know your sizes if you are too shy to go to just any department store. Go to a tailor they exist, you can pretend your tux shopping but ask to know what your measurements are. Knowing your chest size, waist size, etc… are super important when buying female clothing. Oftentimes buying clothes too small or too big can give us the wrong impressions about our bodies.

5)Accessories: a good pair of earrings can really bring out the femininity in your face. Bracelets will draw more attention to your arms and waist area. Wear anklets with sandals to show off your pretty feet, which will probably make the male eye linger upward.

6)This isn’t really a tip more like a side note. Show off those amazing cabooses you girls have. I have seen a lot of you in panties and without on an occasion to know some of you have asses to die for. Just saying! I hope you enjoyed this quick sissy’s guide to showing off feminine features.

Relax, You’re Perfect

Now understand nothing should ever hold you back from being the amazing person that you are. Whether you just like dressing femme or you enjoy being a full-on sissy, don’t feel a goal is ever unattainable. Or you can never pull something off. We are often harsher on ourselves than others. And if anyone tells you differently tell them to kiss your sweet, sexy caboose. Your body is perfect and having it keeps you alive so be kind to it and yourself.

Remember if you enjoyed this sissy’s guide to showing off your feminine features make sure to let me know and feel free to add your own comments and suggestions below! Also if you like you can always reach out to me any time you like.

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