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If you’re a sissy, you’ve probably thought about what it would be like to sign up for a rigorous sissy training program. Let me tell you, it’s probably not very much like you’ve imagined it to be! While a lot of sissy porn features the idea of a training program for sissy sluts, that’s a fantasy based version of a man’s jerk off daydream. The reality has a lot less of you prancing around and being the doll of the show, and a lot more behavior modification and attitude adjustment. Want to know more about the reality of a training program for sissy sluts? Keep reading!

What do you think of when you imagine a sissy training program?

Mistress Harper Sissy Training ProgramI bet you think about having to be taught to dress like a sissy, do your sissy makeup, and then to more fully and completely embody the ideal sissy slut. Remember that every sissy’s fantasy is different, though, so what your ideal sissy training program looks like might be very different from what another sissy’s program is like! You dream of dressing up and having your makeup done in a spa-like environment, but that other sissy over there dreams of strict orgasm control and anal training. Any sissy program must have room in it for flexibility, so that a wide array of sissies can be accommodated.

Before you sign up for a training program, you need to do this one thing:

If you’ve been looking for a training program to mold you into the most perfect sissy you can be, you need to do something very important before you take the plunge and sign on. If you skip this step, you can wind up in a program that doesn’t fit your true needs, and instead of bringing you great joy and fulfillment, you can wind up deeply unhappy and miserable!

Before you sign up for any sissy training program, sissy, you must first Know Yourself! What are you looking for, really? What needs and desires do you  hope this program will meet for you, and where do you want to wind up at the end of this journey? The training program is all about transforming you and changing you, so you’d better be certain this is really where you want to go! There are no Take-Backs possible in a good training program, so, be certain before you begin!

Want to arrange your sissy program with an experienced Mistress? Here’s how:

After you’ve reflected and decided what kind of sissy you’d like to be, and taken a good hard look at where your personal deficits lie, you can reach out to any of the Ladies of LDW and inquire about a sissy training program. Some ladies are very kind and sensual, and will guide you so gently on a journey towards your ultimate sissy self, while others will be more strict with you, and demand your adherence to deadlines and obedience to the sissy rules they lay out for you. Be clear in your own mind about what sort of energy or ‘vibe’ you’ll respond best to, so that you can avoid a terrible mis-match!

Having contacted a Mistress, try to remember that while you’ve only contacted one Mistress, she’s likely dealing with several dozen eager sissies at any one time! A good sissy is a patient sissy who doesn’t expect an instant in depth reply to their inquiry for a full fledged training program. Your training program will be built custom just for you, and Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your personalized sissy program to be instantly brought forth, either!

Now that you’ve contemplated, contacted a Mistress and been patient, what should you expect?

A personalized sissy training program will take into account your needs and desires. There will be challenges and exercises that you will likely fail at first. How you handle failure is part of the training so, keep going! I’d suggest you keep a journal so you can track your progress over time, and see that you have indeed become more of a sissy slut thanks to your training. If you’ve asked for training on being a good oral sissy slut, expect to watch a lot of cocksucker porn, and to spend some quality time with a realistic dildo in your mouth. If you asked for anal training, I hope you’ve got plenty of lube, because butt plugs and stretching is in your future! No matter what you requested in your sissy training program, and no matter how challenging you find the regimen, at the end of the day you should feel fulfilled, content, and happy with your program.

Want to be trained by me?

Drop me an email and let me know what kind of sissy training you’re interested in! Even if I can’t personally help you, due to a mis-match in approach or schedule, I can help you find someone who can train you up into the sort of sissy you dream of being. You can find me on Twitter, my blog (Fetish Phone Sex Blog), or even via Discord (I’m EnchantrixHarper#8090)!

I’ll be expecting your email.

Your Sissy Training Mistress, Harper

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