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Have you ever wanted the most perfectly sissy smooth face, but been stymied about how to go about getting your skin that clear and smooth? You’re in the right place, darling! I’ve got all the details for you about how to make sure your skincare routine supports both your desire for a smooth and soft face, and actual good skin health! I’ll be honest with you, your skincare routine needs to be just that: a routine that you undertake every single day, no matter what. Ready to find out what it takes to have the most sissy smooth skin ever? Read on!

Your sissy smooth face can be a reality, instead of a far distant dream.

Sissy smooth face with Harper 800 601 7259All it takes for you to get perfectly smooth and creamy soft skin is a little care and attention to detail, and, of course, the right equipment! It will do you no good whatsoever to establish a lovely routine if what you’re using on your face is incorrect. So, let’s start at the basics: you’ll need a razor to shave away any errant hairs, a facial soap, a toner, and a facial moisturizer. Why am I emphasizing ‘facial’ in these descriptions? Because it’s important! Vital, even! You need soap meant for use on a human face, and a moisturizer designed for the skin on a face. The skin on your face is different from the skin on the rest of your body. Please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t use the same lotion you put on your balls on your face! Get a real, actual, facial soap and moisturizer.

What products does Harper recommend for your skincare routine?

I like to go for either a tried and trusted company, or a smaller company that I’ve heard very good things about (and enjoyed the heck out of their products myself). If you like to go for a big Name company for your products, you really can’t miss with Neutrogena. Get a bar of their face soap, the translucent orange stuff, and some of their lightweight moisturizer for your face. For extra points, grab the one with some sunblock in it, just to really protect your face from damaging UV when you’re out and about. An alcohol free toner will complete your supplies! Now, if you’d prefer something from a smaller company, handmade, but very high quality and what I’m personally using right now, check out Paintbox Soapworks. Get one of the sets that include a soap, a scrub for your face that won’t rub you raw, a toner that is amazing, and of course, the Nihilist face cream (so good, so smooth, so nice).

Now that you’ve got your products, how do you use them to ensure a perfectly sissy smooth face?

get a sissy smooth face with Harper 8006017259Don’t worry, this is super easy. Every morning after you wake up, and at night before you go to bed, wash your face with your sissy essential products. If you only have time for washing your face once per day, or want to ease into your routine, wash at night, so you can strip away the day and go to bed all fresh. Warm water, and a little soap, and simply wash off your face. If you need to shave, wash after you’ve shaved, to make sure to get any lingering shave cream or stray hairs off of yourself. You do not need to use aftershave if you’re doing a facial wash, btw. Dry your face on a nice soft fluffy towel, then mist with a touch of your toner, to help your pores close down and to calm any redness or reaction from shaving and washing. If you went for the Big Name brand, you’ll want to get yourself some cotton rounds to use to swipe your toner on. After toner, moisturize! Use a truly tiny amount, less than a dime sized drop on the palm of your hand, and dab it on with your fingertips, then smooth it across your face. Make sure to moisturize your forehead, nose, chin, and cheekbones, then smooth across the rest of your face. This routine should take five to ten minutes at the most, and as you get faster and more used to it, you can get your time down quite a lot!

Are you ready to face the world with a perfectly smooth face?

Of course you are! You are a strong, independent sissy, and you can do anything with a face as smooth and lovely as yours! Go forth, seize the day, and spread the word about your brand new skin care routine! (And don’t worry, none of the products I recommended are scented, and none are branded or designed to look extra feminine, so if you need to keep your sissy status on the down-low, no one will know!) Good skincare is for everyone, darling. Enjoy a smooth and soft face, and the jealousy of all those around you as you look your best!

Your Sissy Mistress, Harper

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