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Even though this Tease Princess lives in Canada. I can say winter isn’t one of my favourite seasons. I mean I like it well enough, everything sparkling with the frost but beyond that, the idea of having to cover up with more clothes is eh. However, I know some out there adore winter for the very fact we are covered up more. I am looking right at you sissy and panty boys. The falling temps that have you reaching for warmer jackets and thick sweaters also means you can hide away your pretty girlie items under that bulky winter clothing.

Now I am not here to tell you how to hide your feminine clothing cause I am sure you have been doing this long enough but I am here to talk about something a bit different for it is super important in the Winter months and that is sissy self-care. This is the perfect time to dive into a wonderful bubble bath to shave your nether regions. I thought perhaps we should talk about what makes for the perfect Sissy Princess bath.

Everyone is gonna have a different idea of what makes for the perfect Princess Bath and this is what works well for this Tease Princess.

It simply starts with the setting of my bathroom, ensuring I have a nice clean towel, one fresh from the dryer is always nice. Candles are set around my bathroom so that I can turn the lights off and just relax under the glow of candles. I will usually have one candle scent going along with a bunch of unscented tea lights so that the scents from my candles and bath oils are not competing.

Make sure to have all the things you will need for a nice bath near you such as a face mask, razor, shave cream or body wash. This way you won’t have to get out of the tub. It’s all there easily accessible should you opt to partake in those items when bathing. Some soothing music and a cup of tea are always nice touches to aid in a relaxing Princess bath session.

Now on to what this Tease Princess adds to her bath.

I adore adding Epsom salts, yes there are some scented varieties out there but I always opt for unscented. Rather let that just be my relaxing base so that I can alter the scents through bath oils, bath bombs, or bubble baths. But this is your Princess bath so if you feel drawn to a certain scent of Epsom salt then by all means go for it.

Now beyond adding in Epsom salts, I will also add in Himalayan Salts and Rock Salt. Generally, with the Epsom salts, I will add in 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Honestly, I sort of measure with my heart but aim for around that amount. Then add in the Himalayan and Rock salt measuring with my heart once again but probably aiming for 1/4 of a cup between the two.

When it comes to scents this is the time where you will add in dashes of your favourite essential oils. If you opt for a floral scent or maybe something a bit more woodsy then I would toss in some dried flowers be it rose petals or lavender buds.

Bathing Clean up Tub Tip with Dried Florals

Of course, as pretty as those flowers are floating in your bath when it comes time for cleaning up they can be annoying so slipping them in a bit of cheesecloth and tying them into a floral bath bomb will help in the cleanup. Ya, that might be speaking from my own messy tub clean-up experience haha. It was bath salts with added bits of seaweed and floral bits. Was amazing to bathe in but umm the clean up not so much.

Now once you have added in your bathing goodies and got yourself all comfortable in your warm Princess bath it’s time to get yourself Princess ready be it doing a facemask, scrubbing your body down with a body scrub, or shaving your body to smooth female perfection. Once you have completed these things that have you feeling pretty and girlie then it’s time to break into that Sissy mantra.

Sissy Princess Bathing Mantra


Being girlie and feminine is empowering.

I need to look feminine and pretty.

Having smooth legs makes me horny.

I feel girlie when surrounded by bubbles.

Time to run those baths and have a little sissy princess time.

You may repeat this mantra as many times as you like while you soak in that Sissy Princess Bubble Bath.

Enjoy your bath.

May this become a part of your own self-care feminine routine for 2024.

Oh and just a little reminder that I have a sissy fashion critique in the assignment store so this Sissy Princess Bath would be a wonderful start to getting ready for your dress up time. After all, models do have some pamper time before a major photo session.

Look forward to hearing all about how your Sissy Princess Bubble Bath routine goes for you.

Tease Princess Maya!

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