Spring has sprung all over the place, and that means it’s time for a wardrobe make over for sissies everywhere! If you’re still rocking last season’s looks, you’re already behind the times, but don’t worry, I’ve got some guaranteed feminization tips for you to bring your best foot forward in the hottest spring ensembles and colors. Look for a dramatic trench coat, breezy dresses in crochet and lace, embrace a pencil skirt, and don’t forget the shoes! Modest heels with jazzy touches in the details are IN for spring 2024.

Feminization for Spring

Sissy Loves Feminine Clothes by HarperIn case you’ve never tried following the latest in fashion trends, let me clue you in. It’s important for you to keep up with seasonal trends in fashion because when you’re hanging with the hot girls you don’t want to embarrass us with last years clothes. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to pick up an outfit or three in the season’s trendiest looks. Consider it a feminization tradition: you have to have a girl’s day out shopping trip to pick up something that just screams Spring Is Here! We’ll get something cute to wear, have our faces and nails done up, and then go grab sushi at the local hot spot. Afterward, obviously we’ll have to find a wine bar to show off our outfits. Never been out for an evening with all the ladies? You’re in for a treat.

Let’s talk DRESSES

I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned crochet dresses, but let’s expand on that a bit. It’s not just a crochet dress, it’s the entire aesthetic of the look. We’re talking layered breezy looks, with cut-outs and beautiful lace patterns designed to reveal some skin. Spring is here, and Summer is knocking on the door, so get used to letting a little more skin show, and a touch of breeze through. A lined dress with an overlaying lace or openwork design is so very ‘in’ right now. Expand that to skirts and tops, and you can expect to see plenty of examples of breezy tulle and lace on your favorite shops manikins. Do not be afraid to show a little skin! Crop tops are hot in fashion, embrace a little bit of a midriff show-off vibe. Pair that crop top with high waist skirts and pants, and be the bold, brave sissy you were meant to be.

Pencil skirts, gurls!

I cannot over-emphasize enough that this is the spring of the pencil skirt. Not just for secretaries and pant-suits, pair a cute pencil skirt with an off the shoulder or wide neck top, a bit more deconstructed in fit and loosely fitting to contrast with the skirts lines. Do not be afraid of color here, either. No more black and navy, it’s spring, go bright and vibrant! Patterns aren’t really hitting hard this seasons, so aim for a solid with maybe that overlay in lace in a coordinating color. Pencil skirts can pair with literally everything, and length is not a concern this season. Short, mid-length, even a mid-calf length is acceptable! Just no peasant skirts, you’ll look like you’re trying to be a hippy.

Color Blocks and Solids for the Season

While I do love a cute patterned top, this season we’re keeping the patterns to a minimum. It’s all about solids and blocks of color, with visual interest in the form of lace patterns or embossed overlays. I know you want the boho floral print paisley skirt, but maybe keep that for a trip to the beach and not a trip to the club. Time and place, darling. If you want to impress with the current seasons looks, you’re going to be looking for that solid color pencil skirt in a very trendy ice blue, super thin belt, and a cropped neck baring crochet top. Accent your ensemble with a bright fuchsia pin or bow, and call it done, you’re good, trendy and very NOW.

Ready for your Spring Make Over?

In case you need help with your outfit, you can always call and ask for sissy tips and assistance with your shopping! Make a day of it, and we’ll hit all the shops and stores, you can try on literally everything and we’ll see how it looks on you. Building cute outfits is a major hobby of mine, so don’t be afraid; let me play Barbie dress up with you and turn you into such a cute girly femme sissy!


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Your Feminization Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper