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Sometimes even a sissy needs a helping hand! That’s why I’ve created a brand new offering for our Assignment Store aimed at helping poor lost little sissies in need. The Sissy Consultations with Harper are meant to help my sweet wee sissies with literally any issue they may be having, from wardrobe issues to trouble in relationships all the way to helpful guidance on sexual and fetish issues! For your ease of communication and for your own record keeping, the Consultations take place via email, and feature a robust back and forth between you, the sissy, and myself, the Life Coach!

Sissy Consultations with a Certified Life Coach

How often do you have the chance to sit down with a certified Life Coach to hash out your problems? Much less a Life Coach that is knowledgeable about fetish and kink topics, and sissies in particular? Go ahead, go try to find yourself someone with my level of experience with sissy issues who’s also a Life Coach with experience untangling lifestyle and relationship problems. I’ll wait.

You’re back? Good, now you know that an experienced Life Coach that understands the travails and worries of a sissy is hard to find! That’s exactly why I took the time and made the effort to get certified as a Life Coach. I want to help sweet sissies and shameless sluts live their very best lives. I want you to be able to have that tough conversation with your loved ones about who and what you really are, to be able to live your life with your head held high, and to help you reach all of your goals.

What can a Life Coach help you with, anyway?

There’s no end to what a good Life Coach can help you achieve. In general, a Life Coach helps their clients derive solid attainable goals, and then helps to break those goals down into smaller chunks. They can help set reasonable deadlines and goalposts to work towards, and support their clients as they work through each stage step by step. Goals can be lofty, like going back to college for another degree, finishing a first degree, planning a relocation across country, and even introducing a new family member to an existing family structure. There is no area of life a Life Coach can’t help with, even though most of the time Coaches don’t tend to specialize in clients who need help with kink, fetish, or sexual areas of their lives. Lucky for you, I do specialize in exactly that.

The Sissy Consultations can change your life

I’ve met so many sissies who really love their time spent being a sissy, but they often also experience anxiety, shame, and fear around their sissy desires. Whether that’s a fear of sharing their desires with their loved ones and being rejected, or simply culturally inculcated shame because they’re not “manly enough”, anything that causes that much deeply wounding negative emotional response is something that needs to be worked through. Even if you’re end goal doesn’t include “tell my partner that I’m a sissy and need to wear panties to get off”, you can still work through those feelings of shame and fear to reach a level of personal comfort with your own needs and desires. You don’t have to share something so intense with anyone that you don’t want to! But being able to share your sissy journey with even one person who understands can be liberating and intensely healing. That’s what the Sissy Consultations can give to you.

All Assignments and Audios are on sale through August 2023!

When you purchase any Assignment or Audio through the end of August this year you can take 20% off by entering the coupon code “SIZZLINGSUMMER” at checkout. Browse all the Sissy Audios and Assignments, and resolve to embrace your deepest Sissy nature! Don’t forget that the Sissy Consultations take place via email, so they’re discrete, private, and you can always archive the messages and have them at hand on demand. I’m really looking forward to helping you embrace your deepest and truest self.

Join us on August 25th for the Sissy Beach Bingo Night, with Mistresses Riley, Adeline, and Erika! Take this opportunity to socialize a little, sissy, and win some wonderful prizes too. See you there.

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Your Sissy Life Coach, Harper

xoxo, Harper