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One thing many sissies are interested in is a little chastity play. For those who are into the coerced feminization kink, there is nothing more emasculating and feminizing than having your dick ‘taken away’ and locked up where you can’t touch it. In addition to the erotic humiliation of being neutered like this, there’s the charge some sissies get from learning to orgasm without ejaculation! Can you sissygasm without a sissy chastity device? Of course you can, but learning to do that in the first place is easier with one. Keep on reading for my tips and advice on finding the best chastity device for sissies.

Best Chastity Device For Sissies

Believe it or not, but there is no one size fits all absolute best chastity device for anyone, much less just for sissies. There are best practices to find a device that works really well for you, but much as I wish I could, I can’t just say “this one, this is the best, everyone should wear this sort, end of discussion.” That’s why I’m going to discuss chastity a bit, defining your goals in chastity, and then we’re going to go over fit and other considerations when purchasing a chastity device.

Start with what you’re going to be using your chastity device for!

Let’s say you’re interested in some light restriction, some erotic humiliation games, and occasional chastity play. You don’t really need a chastity device that’s designed for long term intense wear. What you’re looking for is something comfortable in the short term, maybe in a humiliating color or with a design that evokes feelings of feminization (check out some of the devices shaped like little vulvas! They come in PINK!) One of the big thick steel chrome devices wouldn’t work as well for what you’re desiring.

Permanent Chastity?!

If you want to be permanently locked in chastity, the plastic or resin cute little things will very likely fail for you. Those sorts of devices tend to break or snap with long term use, plus some of the plastics or resins, while they may be safe for short term use, in long term use they may off-gas or otherwise emit some pretty gnarly chemicals. Since sex toys aren’t regulated in the US by any regulatory agency, they can be made out of things that are not super body safe. For long term, permanent chastity, go for something substantial, well made, and body safe. Check out Mature Metal for what I consider the Gold Standard of chastity devices.


Maybe your goal is to learn to attain a sissygasm. A sissygasm, for those who don’t know, is an orgasm without ejaculation, and one of the recent episodes of my podcast Whore School is all about the sissygasm. For those yearning to experience the apex of slutty sissy behavior, you’ll want a chastity device that fits well and can stand up to some sensation play. Key to learning to orgasm without ejaculation is finding all your other erogenous zones, like your prostate, sissy berries (testicles), nipples, and so on. Your mind is also a key element, as is a robust fantasy experience. One of my favorite and fastest methods is to press a strong vibrator to your chastity device while grinding on a plug or dildo in your ass. You can see that a weaker plastic device will degrade faster and may break under the pressure! Aim for something in the mid-range, just for durability’s sake.


The way your device fits is important. In addition to ensuring that your chastity device is clean, devoid of spurs or rough spots, in good condition (always check chromed metals for degradation in the chrome and potential rust spots!), you need to make sure the thing fits properly. Measure around your entire package between your legs, shaft and berries together, and the shaft alone. The ring that holds the device on needs to fit well, but not be so tight that it acts like a cock ring. You need to be able to take it off again when you’re done! The shaft length gives you a little more wriggle room, though you don’t want it so long that you can become erect inside it. Remember, a sissygasm is an orgasm without an erection. You’ll also want to make sure none of your anatomy can slide between any parts of your device; that’s how you get a bruised penis and/or balls from a pinch in the device.

Measure yourself flaccid, and take your measurements morning, night, and at least three times. Average your numbers, and that’s your size. For each device, before you purchase it, make certain the measurements will work for you! If the shaft on the device is shorter than your package by too much you may be able to stuff yourself in there but you won’t be happy for long term wear and you’ll be in pain if you try to sissy masturbate. Fit is vital! For your health, happiness, and pleasure.

Got Your Chastity Device?

Once you’ve got the best chastity device for you, it’s time to play! Don’t forget that all the fun sexy games we get up to are better with a partner, even chastity! For help with picking a device, getting the fit right, and then putting it to work for you, give me a call or drop me an email (harper @ I can set up an entire chastity training regimen for you, and guide you through that first explosive sissygasm.


Your Chastity Device Mistress, Harper

XOXO, Harper