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Hi there, sissy girls! How has winter been treating you so far? I know some of you absolutely love winter because it means you get to layer yourself in your softest sweaters and fur-lined leggings, while some of you just ache for the days of summer so that you can get out your slutwear yet again. Regardless of how you personally feel about winter, though, now is a wonderful time to stay in and check on your wardrobe.

I wrote a post for my Mistress After Hours blog recently about closet cleaning for the New Year. It was aimed at everyone, not just sissy boys and girls. But the gist of it is more important than the audience. You should take some time this midwinter to inspect your sissy clothes and clean out your sissy closet for the New Year Like I did and make sure everything is in good repair.

Start With Your Lingerie Drawer(s)

A good place to start with this is your lingerie drawer or drawers. Lingerie, as you know, is often delicate and full of things that tear easily, like lace and nylon and satin, despite your best intentions. You don’t even necessarily have to be wearing them to accidentally mess them up a little. I’ve had things like stockings snag while in the drawer and tear. It’s frustrating, yes, but at least you know in advance to watch for it when it comes to your sissy stockings!

So I encourage you to take a day when you don’t have anything else to do (so you won’t be rushed) and just leisurely inspect everything in your lingerie drawer. It can be panties, bras, nylons, anything. Just go through each thing individually and look over it for it tears or rips or any other imperfections. If you know how to sew, you might even be able to fix torn seams or what have you. But if not, I encourage you to just throw away anything that can’t be fixed. No sense in hanging onto something that’s damaged.

Then, Go To Your Sissy Closet

After you’ve inspected everything in your drawers, you can move on to your sissy closet. Of course, you’ll want to check out your outfits and make sure those are okay. But don’t forget about your accessories, like your handbags and your shoes, either. Those, too, can get damaged after a while. Some of the damage may even be fixable, so you won’t necessarily have to throw those things out.

Check your jewelry as well. Clean it if it’s needed. (Do the same for any other accessories, too. I assume your lingerie and clothes are already clean, though, if they’re in the drawers or closet, but if they aren’t, be sure to wash those as well!) Check your outerwear, too, like your coats and scarves. You want everything to be in tiptop shape! One of the worst things in the world to have happen to you is to be trying to get ready to go somewhere and discover that what you what you’d intended to wear has a hole in it!

So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to check on all your sissy clothes to make sure they’re in good condition. You certainly don’t want to be embarrassed by a hole in your shirt or a run in your pantyhose that you may have overlooked. Make sure your shoes are nice and shiny, too. I feel like well-shined pumps really add something to an outfit!

And as always, if you need any help or a second opinion on something or if you’d just like to chat, you can always give me, Ms. Kay Marie, a call for some sissy phone sex fun. I look forward to hearing from you!

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