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Hello girlies once again the spooky season is upon us which means it’s sissy costume idea time. It’s the best time of the year to dress up after all! So how about another round of perfect sissy costume ideas for Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays so let’s femme it up this year. 

This Year’s Sissy Costume Ideas

First up is a personal favorite of mine. Dressing up as a sexy cowgirl which is obviously easy to find in costume form itself but I have some ideas for adding your own girlie flare. Such as incorporating a hot pink bandana to let your sissy side stand out. Of course, you can go a step further and get one of the costumes I saw that were completely pink with lots of tassels! I could picture one of you girls totally rocking that cowgirl flare. Partnered up with a sexy long wig to go under that cowgirl hat, with some colorful make-up and lots of glitter! 

The second sissy costume suggestion of mine this year I think will resonate with a few of you gorgeous ladies. The chance to be a stunning bride this Halloween! What you will need is a formal gown, however, it can be whatever color you wish. So if you have difficulty finding a white dress, don’t fret! Even I don’t plan to wear white on my wedding day. What is really ideal for this fit is finding a veil to go with your dress! Every bride needs a veil and of course, with a cute bouquet, and sexy heels to tie it all together. Depending on your style I would recommend a light make-up look with rosy cheeks, and lips to be a blushing bride. sissy costume ideas

Lastly on my suggestions this year is my more horror-themed idea of a sexy vampiress. Be a hot badass lady of the night. Who is highly skilled at sucking! Pick out your favorite lady vampire costume, and personally, I would go with a sexy pair of thigh high boots for this look. Grab some of the very common white stage make-up you can find at any costume store and use it to pale up your skin. You’ll want to use a deep red for your lips, and I even tint of bit of red around my eyes. Followed up with dark eyeshadow and long lashes. It’s up to you if you want to grab the fake teeth, I find them to be a little unnecessary. Another optional feature is smearing some red around your mouth, and chest looking like you just fed. Totally up to you how you wish to present your sexy lady of the night! 

Have A Happy And Safe Halloween!

Thank you for joining me once again for this year’s sissy costume ideas. As always, take advantage of the fun haul of girlie things you can stock up on this year.  No one bats an eye when you’re buying makeup in October! Or stockings, or new wigs it’s the perfect time to make a list of much needed and wanted accessories. Then go out and have yourself a little shopping spree! 

As always, be sure to be safe and don’t push yourself too hard. Even if you aren’t quite ready to go all out. Do something a little girlie this Halloween and incorporate a little pink into your costume, or a little hair accessory. In fact, why don’t we consider this a little Halloween sissy assignment. Do something for the holiday to let your sissy flag show a little on the outside more than usual. Paint your sissy nails, wear sissy lipstick, just do a little something. It’s the perfect time to get away with it! 

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