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Forewarned is Forearmed

There have been a few articles and blog posts written around the Empire regarding sissy skin care, especially in the winter. I want to add to that wealth of information with a reminder of something that has gotten overlooked, especially for a sissy who is not out yet. I want to try and remedy that today with some information about facial sissy skin care! (no, not that kind of facial!)Sissy Skin Care

Protect Your Precious Face

When we go outside into the chill of the dry winter air, we must not only protect our body, we must also protect our faces. Now, if you are able and comfortable with it, a good BB or CC cream is always a safe bet to keep your sissy skin even toned AND moisturized. You just need to make sure it is a good natural look, that matches your skin tone, and doesn’t look like actual makeup. When you apply it, use less than you think you need. You can always apply more if needed. ( for some good tutorials on makeup and such, check out my favorites on my YouTube Channel)

Undercover Sissy Skin

If you aren’t able to add even that slight bit of color, then I suggest you look for a matte moisturizer. I can highly and confidently recommend anything from Clinique, and their Men’s line is quite extensive if you can’t leave women’s stuff laying about. Neutrogena also has some good products, but feel free to do a search for “men’s matte moisturizer” and see if there is something you prefer. I saw a recent article in the British version of GQ Magazine, and while they may not have the same products in the US, you can see that there is a wide variety available.