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Knowledge is Power

There are many many things that cisgender girls grow up learning. It sometimes seems as we were just born with certain knowledge when in reality is it something we have practiced and played with all our lives. One of the things we may be more comfortable with than a sissy is doing our own manicure. I know we’ve spoken of the fun ways to paint your sissy nails in artistic designs but one thing that was barely mentioned as that article moved on to the fun stuff. What you need to know is how to shape your nails to your best advantage.

Get to Know the Shapes

There are multiple shapes to file your sissy nails into, and some are little unusual. Allure Magazine gives you an example of twelve of the most popular nail shapes. If you find that more than one style would look good on your hand, there is a way that will let you experiment with several shapes before you select one. It doesn’t mean you need to stick with just one, but you can pick one to start with!

Sissy Nails Experimentation

Take yourself to your local chain pharmacy or beauty supply store and select some slightly long press-on fake nails. Press on is suggested because you will be filing them in a variety of styles and you don’t want to have fake nails stuck on your fingers like that long term. Make sure you have a good file and some remover for the nails and any nail glue you may use in the future. Go ahead and get some nails ( or nail tips) and nail glue to use after you have decided on the style you are going to try. With the press on nails applied to your nails according to directions, look at a diagram of the nail shapes and file your new nails into several of the shapes. Decide which look most flattering. Try out the new sissy nails washing a dish, unzipping a zipper, or putting on some makeup. Find a shape that really speaks to you, and then use the extra press-on nails to do a whole manicure in that style or switch to a longer wearing glued on fake nails.

The Final Touches

After you have been through this process, you get to paint! If you aren’t sure of how a color will look on your sissy nails, try them on the discarded fake nails, or those that won’t fit your finger. Once you pick a color, paint those pretty sissy nails, and then find another way to pamper yourself! If you plan on doing a pedicure too, don’t polish your nails until you have gotten to the painting stage with your pedicure!