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Doing Your Nails, the Artistic Way!

If you have the time, and the freedom to do your nails the way you want to – AND you have artistic skill, there are some tools of the trade to help you make your nails look as sissy and pretty as you want!

First of all, you are going to want nail polish in as many colors of the rainbow as you can get. Also, a nail file, a buffer, cuticle clippers, cuticle pushers and some clear nail polish are just the basics.

Before you start to paint your nails, you are going to want to  trim them, shape them with a nail file, buff them with a buffer to smooth out any ridges you may have. Then, soak your nails to soften up the cuticles and push them back with a cuticle pusher. This is where the excess cuticle can be gently cut off with a cuticle clipper.

Then, put a coat of base clear nail polish on them.

For this next step – its all about colors and fun! Although, you need the tools of the trade to achieve the looks you want.

You will need brushes:  From angled brushes, to striper to detail brushes – having a set of brushes for your nail art is key.

Dotting tools are used to do artwork like polka dots and flowers and a set can come in many sizes of dots.

Tweezers can help in placing intricate little gems on your nails and you can place a dab of nail glue, or clear polish over them to keep them in place.

Striping tape can help in creating pretty metallic stripes, or help in painting straight lines or chevrons.

Practice makes perfect and once you have these tools in your nail art kit, you can look up youtube videos for hundreds of tutorials on patterns and how to make your perfect sissy look!