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After a long winter of covering up your feet and keeping them cozy, I’m sure they are showing sad signs of neglect. If you aren’t in a position to go to a salon for a pedicure (hello small towns!) I want to share with you the steps to getting you sissy tootsies summertime ready.

First of all, gather your supplies. These items can be found in any drug store of “Mart” type establishment.

  • An exfoliating foot scrub
  • A cuticle remover gel product, *cuticle pusher, and if you’re a careful person, *cuticle clippers
  • *Those little foam toe separators
  • *A foot file for rough spots
  • *Nail clippers
  • *A sturdy nail file
  • A soaking tub (a dishpan works well for this, or you can just sit on the edge of your bathtub!)
  • Two towels- one to put under the soaking tub, and one to use of your feet
  • Nail polish- a multipurpose base/top coat and the prettiest sissy color of your choice
  • A nice rich lotion for when you are all done. This may be mint scented because it’s so invigorating.

*Please note, sometimes you can find some of these items grouped together in a kit, which may make your shopping experience easier.

If you take the time to browse the nail polishes you may find some that state they have the base and top coat included. This may cut out a few steps in painting, but I still recommend that base coat, to prevent a polish accidentally staining your nail (I’ve only ever had that happen with a fire engine red, and it wasn’t permanent but did take some extra work removing it!)

Step One

Make sure you have taken any old polish off your nails, and run some warm water into your receptacle of choice. Add a bit of liquid soap (even dish soap works!). Slide your feet into that bubbly warm water, and let them soak for 2-5 minutes. The warm water will help soften any callouses you may have gotten over the winter. This is the perfect time catch up on your reading!

Step Two

While your feet are still damp ( but gently dried off) use that foot file to scruff off the rough spots. Often the file has two sides, and one side will be labeled “coarse”. This can be a good place to start, but as you progress you can switch to the less coarse side.

Step Three

Use that lovely scrubby exfoliator to massage your feet, removing any last remains of rough skin. Close your eyes and enjoy the process. Inhale the scent. When you feel you’ve rubbed as much as you can, slide your feet back into that warm water and rinse off the exfoliant. I would wash and dry my hands at this point. (because I may be the type of person who would rub her eye with minty stuff lingering on my fingers)

Step Four

This is when you take those nail clippers and cut those nails straight across. Use that nail file to shape and smooth each nail, gently scooting it under the corners to round them a teeny bit.

Step Five

Use the cuticle removing gel as directed. Immediately afterward use that cuticle pusher to gently nudge your cuticles off your nail. This should not hurt! If there is an abundance of dead white cuticle, you may gently snip that with the cuticle clippers. This also should not hurt! If it does, that means you have cut into the live skin. If the cuticle removing gel did not have a wash/rinse component to its directions, now is the time to do so. Dip those tootsies back in the basin, and rinse well. Then dry your feet thoroughly.

Step Six

Find a comfortable place to sit- I like a chair with an ottoman in front of me and a place to set the polish down next to me. Snug your toes into the toe separators, making sure the foam is secure between your tootsies. Apply that base coat, and let it dry. Some are labeled “quick dry”, others you just have to be patient. If you rush and layer it on you may end up with unsightly air bubbles ( ask me how I know…) Another key is to apply a thin coat, don’t glob it on! I’d suggest waiting at least 10 minutes after you apply your base coat to add a thin layer of color. Give that 10-12 minutes from when you did the last toe, and then apply another thin layer. If you have an especially sheer polish sometimes a third layer is necessary. Ten minutes after the last coat of color is on, apply your topcoat, and wait 15 minutes. The entire paint job can take a while to thoroughly dry, so you don’t want to wear anything that will ruin your hard work!

Step Seven

About 30-45 minutes after the last coat went on, apply that nice rich lotion to your feet. You can go around the paint if you are worried about messing it up. It may have seemed like a lot of tedious work, but it really is a way to pamper yourself and engage in some (non-sexual!) self-love. I may have been doing it all my life, but I want you special sissies and other gurls to get into the habit of taking care of you!

Now you are ready to present your pretty sissy feet to the world!

pretty sissy feet and toes