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Roleplay Into Reality

I know the braver you get as a woman, the more you want to try new things. Sometimes those things are scary: going out dressed as a woman, finding a person to date, going out shopping for makeup even dressed conservatively. I’ve found that engaging in some roleplay about those and other situations often build confidence.

Makeup Shopping

Imagine wanting to go to the makeup counter at your favorite store. You have done lots of reading and research online, but once faced with the infinite possibilities it can become overwhelming. So many options you hadn’t even considered! New bright sparkly fancy colors! I know what kind of makeup I prefer and I get pulled in by lip stains! So, if you want to practice shopping for makeup and facing the clerk, this is the place to be!

Conversational Roleplay

If you are nervous about going to a bar or club dressed up, give us a call and we can talk through possible scenarios you may encounter during your night out. Practicing the conversations through a vivid roleplay can give you the tools to hold your own in multiple conversational possibilities.

Flirting Rehearsal

Worried about what to do if you are approached by someone you aren’t interested in? We can rehearse your response options through a roleplay session! Nervous about what to do if someone you are interested in tries to flirt with you? Practice your reactions with an LDW Mistress.