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Guilt free fragrance ideas for sissy to wear in public.Guilt Free Fragrance Ideas

Hello, sissies! Welcome to Sissy Style Magazine. I am so excited to be writing about something I enjoy so much. Perfume. Over on my personal phonesexprincessblog I wrote this very in-depth feminization tutorial on everything you need to know about perfume. I include things about how to shop for perfume, the different types of fragrances and what this means for you and it’s application. There is much more pertinent information included in this Feminization Tutorial: How to Find your Signature Scent.

This in-depth tutorial all about Perfume is very helpful and will guide you on how to shop for perfume. It’s a 2 part series and includes everything you would need to know about shopping for your signature scent and I explain common terms that are used in the perfume industry.

A common complaint among sissies:

Now that you know the ins and outs of fragrance. There is an issue I have found that many sissies, perhaps you are one of them that shares in this problem, I would like to address this issue and offer a solution. I know some girls that can’t always dress up and go out and be all girlie but would love to wear something feminine. Some wear nylons under there clothes, others wear panties, some might wear jewelry. Others want to wear fragrance. The complaint I hear on a regular basis is, they are afraid others might notice how they are wearing a woman’s perfume. I have heard many say “Princess Andi, I wish I could wear perfume during the day but too many people would notice!” Does this sound familiar? If this is something that worries you. Stop worrying! I have an awesome solution for you to consider.

Gender-neutral perfume is an option for the workday.

So you wanna wear perfume but are also afraid of what others might say? Have you considered a unisex fragrance? There are so many sexy scents to choose from and I am sure if you took the time out to look into a uni-sex fragrance, you can wear it with confidence and still get your girlie scent on.

Gender-neutral beauty products are gaining popularity. This includes the perfume industry because the fragrance industry is making more and more gender-neutral fragrances. Have you considered a uni-sex perfume? This is an awesome solution to wearing a fragrance out in public and still feel girlie.

Two gender fluid fragrances that you should check out:

Pistil Whipped by Heretic Parfumes. This fragrance is unusual but really grows on you. You have to hear the true-life story that inspired this perfume. It is a wild story! The best thing about this fragrance– it’s going to smell great on you and I have a feeling that wearing this will make you feel sexy while wearing it without raising any eyebrows. That is what you want, right?

Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gender-neutral fragrance, you would rather spend your money on make-up and shoes. I can’t blame you there but being a woman includes wearing fragrance, even if it is for special occasions.

Maybe the price isn’t an issue for you, but you want something cruelty free. Which I totally understand. So here is something that is not only vegan, it’s something I think you will love! Check out: Kierin NYC Unisex Fragrance Discovery Set They have four different scents to choose from with a price tag of under $20.00 with names like Santa Fe Sky or 10 am Flirt.

I am sure you will find something that you will be proud to wear and get your girlie on while out in about without making people question you– well, from what I hear many will want to know what you are wearing because you smell so damn sexy!

I just mentioned 2 awesome uni-sex perfumes for you to consider. There are over 19 fragrances off the top of my head that are considered uni-sex. You are lucky to have so many choices and the choices are continuing to grow.

I want you to go out and buy yourself a scent. Refer back to my Feminization Tutorial and find something you are proud to wear out in public. Then give me a call and let’s talk all about your guilt free fragrance ideas and choices!

Thanks for reading, beautiful!

Princess Andi