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Sissy Bingo Night will be upon us very soon! (Aren’t you guys excited? I know I certainly am!) And for that reason, I’d like to talk a little today about the various types of bikinis you might encounter on a visit to the beach. I’m hoping this post will help you both choose what to wear on Sissy Bingo Night and also come in handy for future reference.

What Is A Bikini?

The first thing we should do, of course, is define what actually counts as a bikini so that we’re all on the same page. Wikipedia, the depository of all knowledge, tells us that “While the name bikini applied to the skimpy fashion that first revealed the wearer’s navel, the fashion industry considers any two-piece swimsuit a bikini.” So there you have it. Wiki tells us that a bikini is any two-piece swimsuit. Got it. Now, let’s cover the different types of bikinis out there so that you can decide what to wear for Sissy Bingo!

The Classic Bikini & Some Of Its Variants

The classic bikini is probably what we all picture in our heads when someone says the word. It’s a swimsuit that resembles a woman’s bra and panties. The top has straps that go over the wearer’s shoulders.

A string bikini is a variation of the classic bikini, where the cups of the top and the front and back pieces of the bottom are held together with strings. These are very popular with both women and sissy girls, as they are quite revealing. The microkini is another type of string bikini that is even more revealing than the original string bikini.

There’s also the monokini to consider, which, as you can probably tell by the name, is not really a bikini at all, as it only has one piece. But I’m including it because it does have the “-kini” suffix on the end of the name. You might also call it a topless bikini because it only has a bottom piece!

Bikini Tops & Bottoms

There are many different styles of bikini tops and bottoms that you can choose from for Sissy Bingo Night. The four major styles of bikini tops are the brassière, the halter, the bandeau, and the vest or tank. The brassière is, of course a bra-style top, which we see in the aforementioned classic bikini. The halter top is a top with a strap that goes around behind the neck to provide more support for the breasts. The bandeau (or tube top) is a strapless tube that wraps around the wearer’s body. And the vest or tank-style top is more like a tank top that covers more of the body. When a bikini has a tank-style top, it’s often called a tankini.

There are a large number of different styles of bikini bottoms. One is the high-waisted brief, which is cut like a pair of women’s brief panties. There is also the French cut brief, which has sides that are higher cut than the brief bottom. The standard bikini bottom is a lower-cut bottom, and the string bikini bottom involves a front and back panel held together with strings, as mentioned above. More modest bottoms include shorts and swim skirts, while more revealing options include the thong and the g-string bottoms.

What Will You Don For Sissy Bingo Night?

We have covered quite a few bikini variations in this post, but the next step is up to you. Choosing a bikini is an important step in your feminization journey. So which one will you choose to wear for Sissy Bingo Night? Let us know in the comments, or surprise us by keeping it a secret until the big night and revealing it then!

I look forward to seeing all of you sissies there at Sissy Bingo Night!

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