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Even though it is cold January, we must always look forward to warmer weather and spring! And not only just warmer weather, but what are the latest make up trends in the spring? Well, I have the 2017 spring make up guide just for you. So the make up trends are being shaken up a little bit and we will start seeing some differences out on the streets, so be ready!

According to Elle magazine, we will be seeing less contouring and we’ll be letting our skin breathe! Finally! Healthy and radiant is what is in this spring.  Also, to you lip gloss junkies, lip gloss is definitely what’s in this year which is great for me, I’m always carrying around lip gloss in my purse, and on my nightstand, and in my car ….

Ms. Cecilia

I prefer Victoria’s Secret lip gloss, it truly is the best.

For you girls that can’t get your eyebrows arched the way you want, don’t fret. More straight boyish brows are now in. So let them go more straight as they make you look younger anyway. You don’t have to go crazy with the tweezers and powders now!

Pink is also back in make up and is being touted as the “new neutral”.  So if you are letting your skin breathe from contouring and too much foundation, let the pink brush your cheeks and lips rosy.

Metallic eyeshadow is in if you love shimmery and metal looks. It’s also important to note that metallic looking clothing is in, so this makes sense if you love this 80’s glam look.

So let yourself glimmer, glow and go pink this spring!