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Having that Feminine Glow

With summer nearly upon us, I want to touch on a few things that will keep your skin healthy and glowing as it comes out from under your winter clothing. Whether you can dress en femme daily, nightly, or never, you still want to feel soft, smooth and sexy, and I hope you can take as many of these steps as you desire.

Off with the Old

We should have been exfoliating our skin all winter, but just in case you skipped that step, find yourself an awesome sugar scrub, or search the internet for a DIY body scrub made with ingredients you have at home. I’ve made one with coffee grounds, sugar, body wash, and body oil. It was awesome!

Step Two, Hair Removal

If you can, having nice smooth skin is an awesome feeling. Here is an article that discusses multiple hair removal methods. Again, you may not be able to remove your extra hair, but if you can, follow the directions on your chosen method. If it involves chemicals, be sure to do a test spot so you don’t have an embarrassing reaction.

Soften that Skin

Step three, moisturize! Not only do you need to slather that lotion on, but you also need to make sure it has a goodly amount of SPF in it. Facial moisturizers have SPF also, so don’t neglect that important delicate skin! On a personal note, if I get SPF too close to my eyes, it makes them terribly red and bloodshot. Not a good look! I stick to my nose, cheekbones, and forehead to stay safe, and use a foundation without SPF. Find what works best for you starting with an appropriate factor number for your location.

Drink it Down

The final topic I’d like to touch on is that of hydration from within. You need to make sure you drink plenty of cool clear water. Caffeine dehydrates you, so coffee and tea aren’t enough ( I remind myself of this all the time!) Do your own research on how much is recommended for your body size and activity level, but if you want a quick rule of thumb,drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. If you spend a lot of time doing physical activity, skew towards the higher number. Your body and your skin will thank you!