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The Bathing Suit Conundrum

With summertime upon us, I hear a lot of you femme callers wishing you could enjoy a more feminine style of bathing suit. I can understand how the envy must feel when you are sitting at the beach looking at the pretty floral prints and bright colors the cis women are wearing. I believe I have a partial solution!

There Is Hope

Are you familiar with the tankini style of bathing suit? They are a two-piece bathing suit with a top that covers up more than a bikini, similar to a tank top. The fabric can be a mixture of anything from practical to flirty. The part I’m more concerned with here is the bottom. Frequently these are similar to a small pair of shorts, much like the male boxer briefs you may be familiar with. Nothing like a speedo!

Bathing Suit Wishes

Always Room for More Bathing Suits

If you have a private place to swim and a public place, you could certainly purchase a tankini bathing suit for both. It’s always fun for a sissy to go shopping! The bottom can be a solid color, whatever you are comfortable with, and would be a perfectly appropriate bathing suit for a public beach if it fits correctly. ( you know how I feel about inflicting your kink on innocent bystanders!)

Secret Sissy Bathing Suit Options

If you can’t find anything suitable or are too nervous to be so daring, there is another option. You could buy a standard pair of masculine swim shorts, and wear whatever type of bathing suit bottom underneath that tickles your fancy. You could actually choose both options, and just wear what is appropriate for each individual situation.

I know having smooth legs and painted toes at the beach or pool is also something you would enjoy. Remember, you can always get a pedicure with no color, or a clear matte polish. If you have the opportunity, though, you can always indulge in an at home pedicure!

I hope you can find a way to have some girly fun in the sun wearing a bathing suit this summer!

Just don’t forget the sunscreen!