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There’s a Chill in the Night Air

It’s almost time for cooler weather! Are you ready? You know, cooler weather brings about many positive changes for the secret sissy, changes you just can’t embrace during spring and summer. Not only are there changes you can make to your clothing and personal care routines, but also a big day is coming up, a day you can be anyone you want to.

Secret Sissy Smoothness

One of the big things you can begin to do now that shorts season is coming to an end is to get rid of the hair on your legs. Having nice smooth skin is such a luxurious feeling, and I’m sure you will enjoy the feel of lotion rubbed into those legs. If you can, get them waxed. If you can’t get it done in public there are several different hair removal methods you can try at home.

Pretty Pedicure Time

Add a pedicure to your secret sissy regime and you will feel extra girly. There’s nothing as fun as looking down at your toes and seeing something sparkly or girly to remind you of how much of a sissy you are. See if you can manage a toe ring under your sock, too! Only you need to know it is there to enjoy the thrill of it!

Pile on the Secret Sissy Layers

Another positive change you may experience as it gets cooler is the ability to layer your clothing. Slip into a pair of panties since you will have your shirt tucked in at work! You can even slide into a sexy bra if you get one with a small cup size. The extra fabric will be next to nothing and can be easily hidden when you wear an undershirt under your work shirt. You can even wear stockings or pantyhose under your slacks!

Playing Dress Up for Real

My favorite part of Fall for a secret sissy is the ability to dress up on Halloween. You can find any girly outfit that you want to wear to a party and really get into the spirit of things. If you don’t feel confident enough to do that, just remember you still have an excuse to go shopping for girly clothing! Use an imaginary Halloween costume party as an excuse when you walk into a store- when the clerk asks if they can help you lead with “Yes! I have a costume party to attend and I am going to be going as a retro housewife.” or whatever outfit you may be interested in ( sexy secretary is another good one).

Make sure you take the opportunities ahead to embrace your secret sissy and have some Fall fun!