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I know that many of you sissy girls live in the colder weather and you probably hate the cold. I surely don’t blame you that’s why I live in Florida….but there is one awesome perk to living in a colder climate, especially for the secret sissy girls out there

What is a secret Sissy

Well to put it simply it is someone who loves being feminine sissy but nobody knows about it. A Secret sissy cant help themselves but simply does not have the time or privacy to put on pretty panties and slips and such.

Winter is perfect for secret sissy girls

Think about it during the winter you wear coats and bulky sweaters. Now imagine wearing those male things on top of some sexy satin panties and a silky camisole. You can get away with so much feminine attire under all those winter layers and nobody would even know it.

Feminine clothing you can wear

half slips (tucked into pants)

Other things you can get away with in winter when you are a secret sissy is some cosmetics such as a tiny bit of blush….remember it is cold outside and your cheeks will be naturally rosy so why not just add a dab of blush.

Paint those toes girls! Even those in a relationship can get away with short periods during the winter having their toes painted. Simply wear socks around the house nobody will question it when it is cold outside!

So my sweet secret sissy girls no worries about being limited to when and how much you can wear, at least not during the winter just slip into something sexy and girlie and bundle up and enjoy your sweet sexy sissy side

Mistress Constance