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Warm or Cool: Which Are You?

A long time ago, a new way of choosing clothes and makeup came along. Finding your best colors through figuring out what “Season” you were became a fad. People said this was endlessly confusing, so found that merely using Warm and Cool colors was just as beneficial and so much easier.

Below is the color wheel that we’ll use as a guide.

Every person falls on one side or the other of the wheel… you, too! Some of the colors will look better on you than the others. You might already know where you lean, but I would love to elaborate for all of our benefits.


Learning Your “Temperature”


What some people do is go into a store with a friend and just start holding up clothes from each side of the pallette, putting them up against your face, your friend telling you “Yay” or “Nay” and keeping notes as to which colors look best.


These are the Cool Tones and you look better in these blues and greens, although the greens do not have undertones of yellow. I’m a cool tone and if the green has yellow in it, I look sickly and jaundiced.

If you are a Warm Tone, these are the clothing choices you look good in.


See the difference?


How does your closet look compared to these colors? Do you see a pattern of colors you’ve chosen over the years? Especially your dresses and blouses… do you follow the temperature of your skin?


Makeup Tips


Same as with clothes, our makeup reflects our skin temperature.



cool eye

warm eyes

here’s a warm eye in blue eyeshadow




Lipsticks are sometimes easier to pick than eyeshadows. If you’ve been to Sephora or MAC stores trying on lipstick, you probably tried them on your hand first to see if it looked good with your skin color. That is working with your skin’s temperature!


Just the Beginning!


This short primer is merely the beginning of choosing your colors. You can Google “Warm and Cool Colors” or, for a more in-depth look at a wide variety of color choices, Google “4 Seasons of Your Wardrobe.”


Most of all, have fun!