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It’s important to stay up to date on all the latest fashion trends, even for sweet sissies! Get those sissy summer looks now!

Hot from the fashion world, you need to embrace stripes, sashes, waist cinchers and more! Peruse the pages of any Ladies Magazine and you’ll find the hottest summer trends. Sissy, for this summer you need light and breezy stripes to help elongate your legs and frame that cute tush. Add a waist cincher for more body sculpting and form creation, and you’re golden.

One of the hottest sissy summer looks is the bare shoulder.

sissy summer looks 800 601 7259Whether you’re rocking the latest single cut out shoulder (seriously, innovative, adorable, and it brings a hint of the bare skin to any look), or the newly revived Flashdance off the shoulder look, you’re going to look fantastic for the summer. Grrls, don’t be afraid to reveal those collar bones!!! Simplicity is the name of the game here, don’t add in a lot of accessories and hide that lovely revealed shoulder; let your neck and collar bone do the heavy lifting in this look. There’s something so coy and sexy about that one revealed shoulder!

For the sissy summer looks color book, look to the beach!

Everything’s coming up beach this summer. From khaki re-imagined as a neutral taupe and used in literally everything to a bright sunny yellow, go for beach inspired colors and combinations. Remember those stripes? Think beach umbrella and go wild! And while we’re at the beach, grab a bathrobe and layer up. Pull one shoulder down for a sloppy hot revealed shoulder look that’ll draw eyes and make you the talk of the boardwalk.

Those hot sissy summer looks can be yours!

Grab any fashion magazine and imagine, darlings. Be bold, be brave, and take it to the next level. Camo string bikinis, layered with a hot yellow robe, drop that shoulder out and strut your stuff!