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Join the Sissy Revolution

As we begin 2019 I hope you made some resolutions geared toward your softer more feminine sissy side. I know all of you lovelies are not at the same stage of transformation, or even being comfortable in your own skin, so I thought I’d suggest some things you may not have thought of yourself.

Make a Resolution to Yourself

For some of you newer sissy girls, you may not have been able to indulge in anything feminine at this point. You may be a closeted sissy. Whatever the case, you are very limited in what you feel comfortable doing to embrace your femininity. A few suggestions I have are to try a body lotion with a scent that is slightly less than masculine. One that comes to mind is a popular brand with its original cherry almond scent. I also highly recommend using a lip balm. Not a generic chapstick, but go with something like a sheer gloss from the beekeeper named Burt’s company. They have a lip balm, tinted ones, and some with the slightest hint of sparkle- very sheer. Keep it in your pocket or desk, and if you are questioned, say you ran out of yours and this was all that was available that morning.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

For you closeted sissy gals who can do as you wish at home, I want you to try something new. Practice your makeup more. Try press-on nails for the weekend. Go check out