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Hi gurls, Mistress Erika here! I just finished a blog about a sissy makeover for spring over on Intelligent Phone Fantasy.  So here I am , sending some spring time tips your way! Feminization for many is all about the make-up, and they are not wrong. But beauty and your feminization  begins with a polished foundation! Your skin and we start today with a sissy makeover for these pretty lips!


Sissy Makeover

Take care of your lips, girls. Let’s make over those lips!

Sissy Makeover For Lips

Your lips are thinner and more delicate than other parts of your skin. Staying hydrated is the first step in keeping them moist and healthy.  Keeping them protected is next.  Many of you who live in colder temps  are painfully aware of chapped lips during the winter. Braving the cold and wind your poor lips really take a beating! But if you are an experienced sissy, you’ve been using your lip balm before you go out, right? RIGHT?
Ok, I know you didn’t and now you have yucky , chapped flaking lips and it’s spring! If  you are a sissy cocksucker those lips are extra important! What is a sissy to do, to make her lips O-so Kissable and fuck-able? Let’s see how you can get the best cocksucking lips ever!

Sugar Scrub

You can go to the store and buy an over the counter sugar scrub for your lips or you can make  your own. Sugar scrubs are good for exfoliating most of your skin , and I use a one in the shower regularly.  I like to make a small batch and keep it in a decorative jar (plastic) with a lid so it serves as a feminine decorative touch as well!

Sugar scrub can be made with granulated sugar, brown sugar or rock sugar, a tablespoon of sugar a drop of honey and a drop of vanilla extract mix it up and there you go! You can substitute almond, cherry or other extract as. Lightly brush on your lips , you can use your finger tip. You lightly exfoliate, now girls depending on how horrid those lips are, don’t rub your skin off your lips!  I It takes routine care of your girly  parts for that  overall feminine glow.  Then rinse and put on a conditioning balm or other light lip balm. Now more is NOT better girls. Just once or twice a week is all that you need.

Lip Balm

Now that you are exfoliating regularly with your delicious scrub, don’t forget the balm daily and often. All of your girly Cross-dresser cosmetics  is important but most forgotten are those lips!  Your lips do not have the protection the rest of your skin has so it’s important to protect them. Using a conditioning balm before bed, and one with sunscreen in it during the day is a must! There are also some balm / lipstick combinations out there so sheer and soft you’ll want to purse your lips and apply apply apply! Few things are more girlie than applying your lipstick, am I right?!

Subscribe today, my next guest blog will be about getting that perfect sissy dress for your perfect sissy form!

Sissy Mistress, Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy