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Miss Rachel has fitness tips for sissies! 1-800-356-6169Hello, Gurls! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Summer so far! Fall is just around the corner, but just because the season for your skimpiest femme looks is waning, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working on that girly figure! Start preparing now for next Summer, and reap the benefits of making sure your sissy workouts are on point!

What does fitness have to do with your ongoing feminization transformation?

Well gurls, three main things as far as I can see, and whether or not one or all three applies, depends on what kind of sissy you are: do you just want to be girly for yourself, for your Mistress, or for a potential stud cock?

All three designations can only benefit from formulating and following a sissy fitness regimen. Whether you’re feminizing because it has long been a personal dream, or because your Mistress requires it, getting everything “tight and right” can feminize your body frame, help you fit in to more girly fashions, and even change the way you carry yourself! Furthermore, if you’re a cock slut sissy and dream of dick, and attracting the men attached to them, the above is even more applicable, with the added incentive of playing up strengths which might draw in an otherwise reluctant stud!

The pillars of sissy fitness:  Yoga, Pilates, Squats, and Nutrition

The goal of every sissy should be to minimize that which is square and block-y and male about themselves, and maximize all that is long, lean, flexible, and curvy.

Miss Rachel has encouragement for sissies! 1-800-356-6169

Many of you gurls are happy about the increased choices in plus size fashions, since they are amenable to the naturally larger frames of many going from masculine to feminine. But if you have the ability to healthily streamline, the possibilities in sizes under 16 positively explode!

With regard to nutrition, a gurl should concentrate on low sugar, high protein, healthy fats, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you need to slim down, limit the junk food and alcohol, especially beer, which tends to make girlyboys round in the middle as opposed to encouraging a more hourglass shape.

With regard to yoga and Pilates, both of these encourage flexibility and a more long, lean type of strength that springs from isometric exercises rather than the bulking that comes from testosterone and weight lifting. They’re also great for improving balance and graceful carriage, which is essential if you want to feel confident rocking those sky high stilettos.

With regard to squats, they’re pretty much the only exception to My caution against too much weight training. You definitely want a killer ass, not only because a nice round ass looks better in panties, but because a round ass feminizes your form in general, and encourages that hour glass shape I’ve been talking about, especially partnered with corset training.

Add in a bit of cardio to keep up your stamina, and you’ve got yourself a transformative and healthy sissy fitness routine!

And by all means, if you’ve discovered sissy fitness tips and tricks of your own for feminizing your figure, feel free to share them in the comments for the edification of all!


Mistress Rachel, your sissy personal trainer!