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Congrats!  YOU have decided to start preparing for the sissy pageant.   It will be an event like no other the last Sissy Pageant was held in 2019! If you are a sissy, crossdresser or transwoman, this is your time to shine!  Most of you have probably read the rules, and if you have not, please  visit the Enchatrix Empire Sissy Pageant Forum to get all the details.

This post is going to be about preparing and putting your best stilettoed foot forward.  First things first, three photos are required and of course your Enchantrix Empire username has to be on a piece of paper in the photo.  So ladies, you have to take new photos.  It’s an exciting challenge.  Your first task is to choose your outfits for the three photos you are going to take.  Keep in mind we are judging the photos based on: Legs/ass, Style, and Sex Appeal.   You can choose to wear three different outfits OR just one.   It’s also up to you to decide if you want to show your face or not.


Preparing For The Sissy Pageant: Wardrobe

I want you  to think of this photo as a painting and think about all the elements that will make up that painting to create the final look.  You want to choose outfits that make you feel sexy fierce and that look great on you. Remember you want to be the authentic sissy you.   There are many femme styles out there, what’s your style?  What kind of sissy are you? Your photos should reflect your style and authenticity.   If you do choose one outfit, you will need to think about the three poses that show your Legs/Ass, Style and Sex Appeal.   Yes, it can be done with one outfit or two or three.   The key is feeling in confident in whatever you choose to wear ladies.  Your shoes are your foundation of your confidence, so choose shoes wisely!  You must be comfortable in them.

Once you have your wardrobe chosen, now you think of the accents, your  accessories.  These might include: earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings, or maybe a purse or sissy stockings.  Have fun trying different things, there is no right or wrong here, it’s about personal expression.       Remember, thrift shops can be a great resource for you.  If you don’t feel comfortable shopping in person, another great resource is ebay for used items.


Your Background

Once you have your outfit and accessories chosen, it’s time to think about your background of the photo. Are you going simplistic with a plain wall behind you with you as the star, or do you have a specific background in mind that creates the vibe of the photo.  Put some serious thought into your background.    Are you taking your pic inside or out?  Also remember lighting!! Move lamps around if you have to!  Light both your background and you with separate lights if possible.


That Pesky, “Paper with your Enchantrix Empire user name in every shot,” rule


Ok, I want to talk about the rule that states you must hold a piece of paper with your Enchantrix Empire name on it.  Get creative as to how you include this in your photo. But please no photo shopping it in!!!  Trust me, we will know!  This is why we have suggested you hold it in some way shape or form.  Creativity is the key girls.   This rule came about do to a conflict years ago with a previous pageant.   Some used fake pics of the web and claimed it was them.  Sadly one bad egg can ruin it for all the other chickens.

Pose like a Pro

Strike a pose! Spend time doing some research and looking at femme model poses.  Not only is this super fun, but it will help you gets ideas for your own poses in the pics.  I advise spending a bit of time in front of the mirror seeing what poses look good on your body.  Experiment, practice, work it baby work it!

Preparing for The Sissy Pageant:  The Four Pageant Questions

Once your three photos have been uploaded onto the Sissy Pageant 2024 Forum on Enchantrix Empire, you will email and request the link to the question form. This is where you show us your personality, you beautiful mind and soul.   You have up to 500 words to express yourself in each question, so take your time, really think things out before you start typing.    It’s a great idea to create some bullet points for each question to help you organize your thoughts before writing.

More Questions?  I Got You!

Before I signed off, I wanted to leave you with our FAQs for the Pageant.  If you don’t find answers here, remember you can always contact any Mistress at LDW for answers.

1. Can I submit my photos via email?
Answer: No, you must upload all picture submissions via our Sissy Pageant Forum on EE.

2. What if I can’t be there in the live chat on June 28th? Can I still
participate in this Pageant?
Answer: YES, the only requirements are having your 3 pics and 4 answers to the question form
submitted by Jun. 15th. If you are in the top winning 3, we will notify you by email.

3. So, it’s ok to submit pics that hide my face?
Answer: Yes, we realize some people want to keep their identity hidden and
that’s ok. You can also decide to share it!
Feel free to submit pics that hide your face. Or don’t, your choice!

4. Who is judging the Pageant??
Answer: All Mistresses with LDW will be able to cast their votes.

More FAQ’s

5. Are my genitals allowed to show in my pics?
Answer: We are going to go along with the rules that have stood tried and true in pageants
around the world and say, NO, your bits must be covered. We don’t mind a bit of ass as long
as the crack is covered, for example, say a thong.

6. Am I allowed to change out my pics once I submit 3 pics? Meaning can I change
my mind about what pics I want to submit?
Answer: To keep things running smoothly, please take your time in choosing your 3 pics, once submitted, those are the pics we will use to judge.

7. What format can my pics be in?
Answer: We will accept both Jpegs and Png pictures.

8. Can another person or a pet be in my photos???
Answer: Nope this is your time to shine, let’s leave friends and fluffy friends out of the pictures.

9. Can I edit my photos outside of cropping out my head (the one on my shoulders)?
Answer: No, we want all pics to be authentic. No A.I. assistance in the photo department
and NO filters! Trust me, we will know! Don’t do it girls!

10. Do I just use my camera phone to take my 3 pics?
Answer: You can use any camera, but we know most will be using
cameras on their phone. Easy peasy!!

We look forward to seeing YOUR entry!!!

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