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With Pride season rapidly arriving, all sissies need to be working on perfecting their sissy Pride makeup looks! That’s right, girls, you need to start practicing with your makeup now so you can be absolutely perfect when you strut your fabulous ass in the Parade. Yes, you can absolutely go march in your local Pride parade, even if you don’t really want to be out about your absolute cock slut tendencies; allies are welcome at the Pride parade, and you can rainbow deck yourself out and provide support. Plus, you may just meet someone at the parade and make plans to meet up later for some extreme sissy action. Either way, as an ally or an out and proud sissy, your Pride look will be on point with all my guidance and advice.

Practice your sissy Pride makeup looks now!

Sexuality, Gender, and Phone Sex; all orgasm are welcome hereYou, darling sissies, didn’t get to grow up with makeup the way genetic girls did. This is a sad truth for both sissies and trans women, and means that you have to work extra hard to learn and master the basic things that other women grew up with. Just remember that gaining skills and mastering them takes time, so you’re going to want to set aside time each day to practice. So let’s start with some basic skin care, since you’re going to be washing your face a lot in the process of practicing your makeup. Your supply list should include facial soap, a creme makeup remover, facial lotion, sunblock for your face, and cotton pads for both applying and cleaning up your pretty face.

How do you pick a good look for the parade?

Honestly, picking the look is the easy part! You get to go look at any of the many compilations of makeup looks available online, like this collection from Cosmo. What looks fun? What looks nifty? Heck, do an eeny meeny miney mo and pick one! Or call your Mistress and ask her what you should do. I tend to go for something fairly simple for first time Pride Parade attendees: rainbow eye shadow, and don’t worry too much about being neat! Go big, bold, and wild, and paint yourself in a rainbow of colors, so that when you’re out in public there can be no doubt that you’re with the queers.

Nervous about marching in the Pride parade?

get your Sissy Pride Makeup Looks ready now!It’s totally normal to be nervous about marching in the local Pride parade. A lot of first time attendees feel trepidation and fear, because, let’s face it, parts of our society and culture is downright hostile to folks who aren’t cis het ‘normal’. But that’s why your support and participation at the Pride parade is extra important. Darlings, you don’t have to wear a dress and put on makeup and come out at the parade. You can wear your masculine clothes, and just walk along the parade route in a show of solidarity and support. The voices that scream for the folks at the Pride parade to hide who they are, to deny the truth about themselves, and to stop participating in society are so loud right now that every voice raised in opposition to that narrow-minded set of beliefs is important. You are important, even if you don’t go to the Pride parade as an out and proud sissy cocksucker. Plus, you can always road-trip to the next largest city near you and march in their Pride parade! Safety in numbers, and anonymity, too.

Ready for Pride month!

cock sucking slut! Pride winsWhen in doubt this month, go for rainbows and make it obnoxious. Bright and bold is the name of the game, and there’s no such thing as too many rainbow decorated bits of fashion kitsch. Rainbow socks and suspenders, pants and shirts, dresses, skirts, and every accessory you can think of! The Pride parade, and even the whole Pride month will see so many rainbows you’ll go color blind just from looking. Keep your Pride in who you are going throughout the year by sprinkling those rainbow accessories into your outfits every month, because Pride is a lot more than just one month. It’s a way of life!

I’ll see you at the Parade route!

Your Sissy Pride Makeup Looks Mistress, Harper

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