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Sissies really do love to get all dressed up and look sexy. It’s such a known fact of sissies that sometimes we can wind up overlooking other aspects of sissy lifestyle behavior. For example, while we can’t exactly say that all sissies do the same things sexually, we can make a few assumptions about what sorts of things any given sissy might enjoy. Not all sissies enjoy sex with men, but a super-majority of sissies really love being submissive in bed. Not all sissies wear panties under their suits, but the vast majority of sissies love a little humiliation around liking and wearing feminine things. And while dressing up might be a hallmark of sissy behavior, stripping down and prancing around like a little ponce can be just as affirming for a sissy! For that matter, a naked, horny, squirming sissy across a Mistress’ lap? Just as fully sissy as any fully dressed sissy bitch sucking cock in an alley. Let’s explore CFNM spanking for sissies, so I can prove to you that getting your cute ass pinked up is just as sweetly sissy as anything else!

When a sissy is fully dressed, it’s fun to make them take it all off again.

Mistress Harper loves CFNM Spanking 800 601 7259Sissies love elaborate outfits, from sissy maid uniforms to full on taffeta ballgowns with ten petticoats. The ritual of putting on all the underthings and support garments, then the sexy outfits and silky skirts, the makeup and hair, nails, and more! All the little details, the bit and pieces that make the outfit complete combine to create a ritual of sissification that in itself soothes many of the needs and desires of a sissy for being feminine. But underneath all the layers of satin and damask, under the stockings and panties and corsets, there lurks the desire to be exposed and truly seen. Sissies want to be seen as they really are, deep down inside, and no outfit or clothing or scrap of silk can compete with having someone look at you and see the real you.

Sometimes, stripping a sissy down to bare essentials can fulfill a need better than dressing them in full en femme ensemble. If what you crave is to be seen as yourself, take it all off. Clothed female, naked male, when the male is the sissy, slowly revealing the depth of their desire and need, the craving to be submissive and weak, no matter what you’re wearing! The clothes aren’t what makes you a sissy!

The clothes, the outfit, that doesn’t make you a sissy.

You’re a sissy because you want to take on the feminine role in the relationship and bedroom. All the outfits in the world can’t turn you into a sissy. And, as a sissy, as a slutty bitch taking the submissive role, you know that you get off on being on the bottom. You love being dominated and ruled, even if there’s not a panty in sight. Strip down, sissy, and then beg for what you know you need. A firm hand to guide you, and a loving dominant to put you over her lap and provide you with the discipline you crave.

Set aside all your thoughts about what a sissy is ‘meant to’ be, ‘supposed to’ be and do. Embrace your desires!

Mistress Harper loves Sissy Cucks 800 601 7259Naked, trembling, and yearning, sweet sissy. I know what you need, and what you desire. All you truly need to do is be brave for just a few seconds, and admit to yourself that this is what you want. You want the exposure, the nudity, to be controlled in such a delicious and subversive way. You want to place yourself gently over my lap, to feel the smooth material of my skirt slip just a little, and to relax so slowly and carefully into place. To have one hand on the small of your back, just to keep you where you are, and the other, to stroke and tease across your bare bottom, to prepare you for the shock of the first strike. The rush that arises from being spanked over a Mistress’ lap.

Tell me you want a CFNM Spanking, Sissy!

Ask for what you crave, and you’ll be granted entry to the most erotic and intense experience you’ve ever had. Submit, and learn to enjoy the depth of your feminization, laid across my lap and begging for more.


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Your CFNM Spanking Mistress, Harper

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