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It is crucial for the sissy to have pretty feet. There is not one sissy out there who doesn’t know how important it is to have her tootsies smooth and sexy. Whether you are able to get pedicures and paint your toenails whatever color you desire or you have to wear those dreaded man-shoes every day, if you are a sissy, you can have pretty feet.

I’m going to show you how!

Pretty Feet!

Pretty Feet for Sissies Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Most sissies think they have to have a professional pedicure in order to have pretty feet, but it isn’t true. While it is delightful to have a pro pedi, not every sissy can go to a salon discreetly.

I will say that men go to nail salons all the time. It isn’t something unusual at all to see men in the chairs there. 

I will confess I love seeing sissies get nervous about going, not just their first time, but every time! It’s so cute to know you are shaking with nerves that someone is going to discover your secret. That nail salon chair is designed to encourage confessions and you might have a technician who wheedles that sissy information right out of you. If she asks you what color you want on your toenails, you can bet she has picked up your girlie vibes.

Sissy Home Care

Pretty Feet for Sissies Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

I’m going to share three things that can change your feet from super-manly to a girl’s pretty feet. These alone can keep a girl home to tend to her own tootsies.

Before we begin the tutorial, I want to say that diligence and persistence is going to be your goal. It’s the New Year, so why not give yourself a wonderful girly goal, to take care of yourself in a way no one else can or would.

If you begin this routine, your feet will only stay lovely by continuing to do these things. You don’t have to do them every single day, but at least once a week is going to be required. In fact, I will command you, as a Mistress, to find the time… set aside the time… to do your sissy foot regimen. You’ll do that for me… for YOU… won’t you? 

Your Feet in the Shower

Pretty Feet for Sissies Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Part One of your pretty sissy feet regimen begins in the shower. Get yourself a pumice stone (you can get them at any big store or online) because that will be your new best friend. If you are a big girl and cannot reach your heels easily, get a pumice stone with a handle on it. That will help tremendously.

A pumice stone is just what it sounds like… a stone, but these are fantastic at removing calluses and smoothing out cracks in your heels and the ball of your foot. It can take some time using the pumice stone before you will have the smoothest feet in the house, but it is worth it. Pumice once or twice a week and over a couple of months (or sooner!) you will definitely see changes.

You will be shocked at how different your feet look after using a pumice stone. If you are worried it will make you have tender or pussy feet, don’t worry, you will still be able to tile that roof or build that house without blisters.

Your Feet After Your Shower

Pretty Feet for Sissies Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Part Two… so you’ve pumiced your feet. Now it’s time to lotion them up. I do not mean with “lotion.” I mean slather them with ointment. You are going to find the thickest and most expensive foot ointment you can afford and use that. I’ll explain how you’re supposed to walk afterwards in a moment.

There are ointments made specifically for diabetic feet. There are ointments that are made for cracked heels. There are not-eco-friendly petroleum jellies you can use. Again, the best, most expensive healing ointment you can find.

If you are a bigger girl and have a hard time reaching your feet, there are tools you can get, very inexpensively on that famous website we all order from. Check out “Lotion Applicator for Back” and you will surely find something so you can reach your feet. 

I am one who does not like getting the ointment all over my hands while I am putting it on my feet, so I use nitrile gloves on my hands. If you have the lotion applicator thingie, you can put a glove on it, that way you don’t have to clean the spongie thing. Makes things much easier to clean up.

Slather your feet in the ointment and get ready for the last step.

Your Feet in Bed

Pretty Feet for Sissies Mistress Daphne 1-800-601-6975

Part Three wraps you in comfort now that you have been pumiced and smoothed over with ointment, time to cover your precious feet so the ointment can sink in and make that foot as pretty as possible.

Getting yourself a sock that you can walk in is the best thing. If you are used to walking around in socks, you’re good to go. I have to have grippers on the bottom or I will fall on my bottom. On that famous website not mentioned above, you can find socks with grippers of all sizes. Several sizes for women and men. These are fantastic for wearing to bed. By the morning, you can take the sock off and all the ointment will be soaked in or on the sock. Toss the socks in the wash and it’s all good.

Take Pride in Your Pretty Feet!

Now that you have lovely girlish feet, it’s time to keep them that way. Make this ritual once or twice a week and you will definitely feel more feminine. What is great is no one will be the wiser! It’s good for all of us to attend to our feet. Now you can, too!


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