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With the holiday season upon us, let’s discuss lipstick for sissies and crossdressers. Of course, it includes holiday parties and festivities we all enjoy. I am thinking of all my sissy friends and crossdressers that have party plans and could use a sissy lipstick tutorial.

Anyone into feminization understands when you dress up, makeup completes the outfit. Lipstick for sissies and crossdressers is a must! You’ve heard the expression, put your best face forward? Well, sissy girls, no matter what you wear, lipstick is a necessity.


sissy lipstick for the holidays

Red sissy lipstick is festive and fun.

I love the color red. Often, I call it cock sucker red. Not all of you sissies are into being a cock sucker, and I respect that. Ohh, but if you are a sissy girl that is looking to get dressed up for the holidays, red lipstick for sissies is quite festive and fun!

Red lipstick such as the one below will complete any party outfit as long as you apply your lipstick right. Don’t forget to line your lips to make sure your lipstick doesn’t run. And make sure to scrub off any dry skin from your sissy lips. Red lipstick can be unforgiving if your makeup is not on point and your lips are dry.

Use a good lip scrub or just take a dry toothbrush and some sugar and brush your lips for a few nights before you go to your party, and use a good lip moisturizer to keep those lips hydrated.

If you are not sure what color red to buy, I wrote a really good tutorial on “How to wear red lipstick and look fabulous.” As I said earlier, I know not everyone likes to suck cock, but I can’t help but smile thinking of those sissy cock sucking girls that do like to suck cock, leaving pretty red O-rings on some lucky guy’s cock. Hee-hee

Mac Ruby Woo red sissy lipstick for holiday sexiness

Lipstick for Sissies and Crossdressers: Pink lipstick is flirtatious.

Wearing pink is something many pick as their go-to color. Pink is young and youthful and oh-so-girlie. It is also fun and flirtatious. There are so many shades of pink. No matter what your completion and skin tone, you can find the perfect pink shade of lipstick that suits you well. Just like Red lipstick choosing a pink color takes trial and error. Don’t be shy to go to your favorite cosmetics counter and ask for help picking out the perfect shade of pink lipstick for you.

The nice thing about pink is there are shades from muted pink to bold-hot pink. You can go with any shade of pink that suits you and your holiday outfit.  Remember you still want to take care of your lips but you can opt-out of wearing a lip liner if you like.  The nice thing about pink lipstick is it sometimes makes guys wonder about your other pink parts as well. Hee-hee. So, don’t be surprised if guys stare at your tits! Or perhaps they lower their gaze and smile…sissy pink lipstick

Sparkly and Metallic

Perhaps you are a crossdresser that just loves glittery makeup. You love to outshine all the other girls. You love to be outrageous and are not afraid to shine. If this sounds like you.  I have to mention Unicorn Tears by Too Faced. It is hard to come by. So if you can’t find it. Look for metallic lipstick such as black magic. It is one of my unicorn tears for sisy girls

Let’s talk about Nude Lipstick for Sissies and Crossdressers.

Makeup is one of my favorite things in life. Ever since I can remember, I have been into makeup. From tools to applications, I am obsessed with all things makeup. Most of you know that about me. Some of you are just learning that about me. One type of makeup I think that is often overlooked and undervalued is nude lipstick. I know; I was guilty of this as well. Nude lipstick? Was a hard pass for me, like a lot of you reading this.  Princess! I want sissy pink, and I want glittery! Oh, how I adore you for that. So why my change of heart?

Nude lipstick is a game-changer. I like to wear make-up that is right for the occasion. For some events, you might have to wear a different face than if you are going out on a sissy girl night on the town. If you want to look classy and not trashy. I recommend a nude shade that is made for your skin tones. It’s amazing what nude lipstick can do for you, especially for the more mature, aging sissy face.

Did you know nude lipstick can make you look younger?

It’s true; wearing the right shade of nude lipstick can shave years off of your face. Who doesn’t want that? So, do your homework, experiment, and find the right shade of nude lipstick for your face. I promise you that you will be amazed at the results if you take the time to apply your makeup right and wear nude lipstick.

Do you want to know another great reason you should have nude lipsticks? It’s a sophisticated look without bringing too much attention to yourself. If you want to look natural and have a no-makeup look. A nude lipstick in the right shade for your lips really needs to be in your sissy makeup bag. No doubt about it.

Now, if you are someone that likes a sexy smokey eye. Nude lipstick is such a great choice to go with this look. You can’t go wrong by choosing nude lipstick, especially when wearing smokey lipstick. You are really going to look beautiful. Who wants to put makeup on and then feel self-conscious about it all night long? No one wants that. So, it’s really important to know some basic make-up rules, and this here is one of them. Nude lipstick is a classy and sophisticated look, and anyone can pull off wearing nude lipstick. Everyone!

every sissy lipstick user should have nude

Nude lipstick is a lipstick that looks great day or night.

Nude lipstick is a color that will look great on you every day and every night. If you are looking for the no make up-make up look, this is the color for you. You can wear this every day and look great.

You don’t have to worry about how it will look in anything you wear. It will work and look great with whatever you wear. This is something that can’t be said about red lipstick or a lot of other shades of lipstick. Did you enjoy this article about lipstick for sissies and crossdressers? Are you excited about trying a few new shades of lipstick?

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