Finding Sissy Friends and Mistresses

Your Sissy Friend Search is Over

Did you know that there are multiple resources for you gurls to find a Mistress who can be your friend, your Domme, your guide, or your creator? You can also find other sissy friends in several places! First of all, you can browse through the profiles of any of the LDW Mistresses to see if they are likely to be a match for you. There are many of us, and we don’t all specialize in the same things! Sissy Playground

Answer Some Questions and Find a Match

Another way to find a great match is to fill out the questionnaire here, and let the experts recommend someone to you. Many of the Mistresses have a questionnaire on their own blogs if you want to cut out the middle woman! That gives you the chance to get an introduction to a potential match and email with her a bit to see if you click.

Straight to the Point

A third way is to just call 1-800-356-6169 and ask the lovely dispatcher if there is a mistress available who is a match for your particular needs that day. They are very well versed in each Mistresses strong suits, and will absolutely steer you in the right direction!

Sissy Friends and Mistresses

Now, to find other sissy gurls, I highly recommend you check out the Get Girlie Forum. There are many threads with gurls just like you, full of questions, answers, and lots of support. You will find yourself welcomed and made to feel comfortable as soon as you’re there. The Enchantrix Empire is also a great community of folks. The kinks there run from A-Z, but you can certainly find like-minded gurls there, and interact with the mistresses and other members. You can also


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    Seeing how I look dressed up as a girl I really do look better this way then I do as a guy. I’m not going to worry or care what others think anymore. It’s harmless fun dressing up. This is who I am and become as I’ve accepted this. My friend who took pictures of me with her phone told me this. She picked out dresses and blouses for me along giving me 5 of her old bras as well using same facial lotions and creams she uses along with perfumes mixed with lotions on my cheeks. She’s married but told me not to worry about her husband and girls I play tennis with will know about this soon enough as I’ll wear my leggings/yoga pants with bra/panties underneath my unisex top with ankle boots/perfume and lotion. If they are true friends they will accept this if not it’s their loss. At my age most women are married with kids and I’m not which I’m fine with as I can start dressing up as a girl and get more into my feminization with all of you.

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