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Goddess Rachel wants to help you decide: falsies, or the breast plate? 1-800-356-6169Hello, gurls! Happy Autumn! The cooler months (if you live in a climate that actually has them) are wonderful for sissy fashion, are they not? It’s so much easier to dress en femme when the styles offer so many more options to camouflage or minimize the masculine! Especially when it comes to what you’ll fill out your bras with, whether nothing, falsies, or a breast plate.

Personally, I like the idea of a sissy who’s femme and pretty everywhere else, but still has the male pecs. After all, a sissy is neither a real man, nor a real woman, so tits aren’t necessary.

Some of you desire to go as far as you can for one reason or another, however, ideally with only your small, soft clitty to tell on you. You may still get clocked, but it won’t be for lack of trying to pass.

(And let’s leave bras stuffed with rolled up socks in 7th grade, shall W/e?)

Most of the gurls who resonate with the latter, and therefore want to fill out, use falsies to do so. There are some supportive garments that are made to hide the edges, push those pecs up and together, and give you some scintillating chevage. Long sleeves and layers are a good finishing touch.

But as long as the weather is cool enough for layers, maybe it’s the perfect time to try a breast plate!

If you’ve never heard of those, picture a stretchy, flesh-toned siliconeGoddess Rachel wants to help you decide: falsies, or the breast plate? 1-800-356-6169 sleeveless crop top shirt with built in big bazongas! If you’re willing to shell out for them, you can get sissy titties so realistic-looking, you yourself might forget you didn’t get implants!

The question is, how do you know whether falsies or a breast plate are right for you?

Falsies are nice, but of the two, I’m a breast plate fan.

Admittedly, I’m a bit biased. I wrote a blog post on My personal blog, encouraging gurls to consider the breast plate, after all. But I’m well aware that a lot of gurls are absolutely devoted to their falsies, and that they provide all the feminization euphoria they’ll ever need.

I respect that.

So I’m going to try to set out a fun method by which the uninitiated can choose which one is best for them. What’s more, W/e’re going to do it in the style of magazines like Glamor and Cosmo: A quiz!

Get your pen or pencil and a piece of paper ready . . .

And prepare to make some hash marks!

For every one of the below that describes or applies to you, give yourself one hash mark.


Let’s go, gurls!

If I’m en femme, I’m stuffing my bra. Every time.

A sissy should have a realistic femme silhouette.

I want to jiggle when I walk, even if I’m the only one who notices.

My number one goal is to emulate real women with my look.

I want to feel up a pair of real titties, but I know that sissies shouldn’t be allowed to fondle real women.

Goddess Rachel wants to help you decide: falsies, or the breast plate? 1-800-356-6169My number one goal with my look is to make men’s cocks hard.

I will look however my Mistress wants me to look.

I like to use the way I dress to explore classic feminine tropes (i.e., ballet dancer, secretary, bride, etc.).

My wardrobe focuses on lingerie rather than outfits.

The only reason I’d put anything in My bra is to show it off better.

I’m not just a sissy. I’m a sissy slut.

Check your score!

0-2 hash marks: Just stick with your very own sissy titties. Neither falsies nor a breast plate needed. And yes, they’re still titties, even if they’d be called pecs if you were a real man.

3-6 hash marks: You seem like a falsies gurl to Me! It’s important to you to be fully feminized, and you may be a bit of a slut, but you don’t need complete realism to do it. Tits just aren’t your focus.

7-11 hash marks: You want it all, sissy! All the feelings, all the clothes, and all the cock!

And you want lots of it!

You want to fill out your clothes in as feminine a silhouette as possible, but it’s not just about the way you look, it’s about how you feel. You accept the fact that you’ll never be a real woman, but you want to thin the membrane between sissy and woman as much as possible!

Especially if it gets you more cock!

You should definitely look into a breast plate!

I hope you found this fun, gurls!

Chime in in the comments with your scores!

Goddess Rachel wants to help you decide: falsies, or the breast plate? 1-800-356-6169

And of course, arrange for a virtual shopping session with Me if you need help picking out your titties, or you want to show them off!


Goddess Rachel, Your Mean Girl BFF!