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Talking About Sissies

I know that there are many nuances and varieties of human sexuality, and I mean no disrespect to the wide variety of appetites you may have. I just want to touch on two basic, broad options you have as a sissy. Let’s first agree on one thing: you enjoy being a female wearing feminine clothing. With that agreed upon, let’s continue!

Simplifying Sexuality

I know there are many labels for everything sexual. I am going to keep this simple by calling all you gals sissies. In my opinion, there are two options for the sissy to partner with sexually- males and females. So you, identifying as female, either want to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Where it can get interesting of course, is if the female you desire is also a sissy, but that is just an added label I’m not getting into right now.

Thinking Outside the Box

Have you considered that there just may be a woman out there who wants a sissy girl lover? That you may never use your penis again, but she may use her strap-on on you! Conversely, having a boyfriend means you get to be the lady of the house, and have a man who will potentially adore you. Even in a D/s relationship, there is compassion, affection, and respect. sissy variety

Multifaceted Expectations

Many people don’t consider that every sissy isn’t trying to be a little sissy housemaid down on her knees servicing her master. Your relationships are just as messy and complicated as people who don’t have any gender identity differences, who identify as the gender they were born with.

Stand Up for Yourself

The takeaway message here is don’t let anyone put sissy in a box. You get to decide what your romantic and sexual relationships look like, even if you identify as submissive. You’ve heard the phrase “safe, sane, and consensual”, and that goes for every relationship you may find yourself in, no matter your sexuality. You give them control, they don’t take it!