Being Comfortable in Your Skin

I know a lot of sissy callers want to look as feminine as possible. A lot of attention is paid to hair, makeup and clothing. One thing we need to touch upon here is creating a feminine silhouette. Too often you are built like a washboard, and instead of just stuffing any old bra with socks, we need a more stable way to get curvy. I’m going to primarily address looking natural, as opposed to being a big boob bimbo type of sissy. That look is far easier to achieve, and I think those gals already have a set look in mind. These ideas are for those of you not lucky enough to be able to go into a boutique and get fitted for a bra and breast forms, but who instead have to figure it all out at home.

Discovering Your Breast Size

The very first thing you want to do is take your measurement around your rib cage, about where the band of the bra would fit you. This will help determine the number part of your bra size. Now, a very simple way to decide cup size is to go get a few cheap (less than $10.) bras with the band size you know, but in different cup sizes. Bring these bras home, stuff one with socks, and throw on a t-shirt. You can also do this with water balloons, to fill out the cups, but this has the potential to be messy. See if it is the look you desire. If not, try the next one. I suggest starting with at least a B cup, and going up to a D cup. The broader your shoulders the bigger breast size you can look natural in.

More Shopping Funbreast fun

Once you have determined the cup size you feel most comfortable in, it is time to search for breast forms. They are made of a variety of materials, and I suggest you do the research and decide what type you wish to invest in. Once you place your order, it’s time to shop for pretty new bras! Go back to the band size you selected and the cup size you chose, and have fun shopping!! Remember, some of your shirts and blouses may not fit the same once you have your breasts showing, so you have another shopping expedition to enjoy! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact any of the Mistresses at FemPhone for advice!