Sissy Girls Celebrate International Bubble Bath Day!

Spoil yourself with a bubble bath!

Take some time out of your busy schedule to celebrate International Bubble Bath Day.  Every sissy girl, sissy boi, crossdresser, or panty slut that calls Mistress today and does a paid call will receive a FREE very DETAILED audio of Mistress taking a bubble bath!

Here are some tips to make the most of your bubble bath.

1.  Make sure your bath tub is nice and clean. 

2.  Make sure that your bathroom is warm.  You don’t want to freeze when you get out.

3.  Pick a very pleasing scent, perhaps lavender to help you relax.

4.  Have a nice fluffy towel ready when you get out of your bubble bath to dry off and wrap yourself up.

5.  Play some relaxing music to enjoy during your bath.

6.  Light some candles and dim the lights.

7.  If you have a bath pillow, use it to lean back in the tub and let your whole body soak.  If you don’t have a bath pillow, roll up a thick cotton hand towel and use it under your neck.

8. RELAX. RELAX. RELAX.  Think of all the girly things you want to accomplish for the New Year.  

9. When you finish your bubble bath, get out and blot yourself dry.   Once dry apply some of your favorite body butter to keep your skin moist and soft!

10.  Call Mistress for a naughty phone sex play session of girly masturbation!

Remember all paid calls to Mistress TODAY ONLY will receive a very DETAILED audio of Mistress taking an erotic  bubble bath.   Only requirements to receive this audio is to call Mistress, and leave a comment on blog!

Here’s to a deliciously sinful bubble bath!




Sissy Slut Kendra’s Second Journal Entry!

                                                                                                                           FANTASIES OF A SISSY GIRL

                                                                                                                             A SISSY AND HER SECRETS

                                                                                                                             TO NONE SHE’LL EVER TELL

                                                                                                                             TILL THE RIGHT ONE COMES ALONG

                                                                                                                             AND CASTS HER SEDUCTIVE SPELL

Dear journal – week 2

there are so many. i do not know where or how to start. what started as something as simple and mild as wearing panties and bra and doing my hair and acting only a little feminine in my room at home became something more kinky and maybe even twisted.

i like feeling feminine when i dress up. i like expressing femininity. i like to feel sexy and desirable. i like looking the part and emulating the more beautiful half of the human species as best i can.
i like feeling that way with another female present. i like having sex that way and fantasizing its a lesbian love affair. it feels so soft and sensual and erotic and so loving. and being accepted and encouraged to do it more makes it even more special.
and omg! if you are lucky enough to have a girlfriend who is bold enough to take it a step further and use toys on your sissy pussy to “make you feel like a woman” or correct you in your mannerisms to be more feminine while dressed up or become more dominant and make you go down on her if you cum before she was satisfied. oh my god! those were the days. *giggles*
since we broke up two things happened with my sissy fantasies. first, i purged and swore i would never be a sissy again. but then after some time went by i started having those fantasies again. but they were more kinky and more twisted. i started fantasizing about being dominated more. i started fantasizing about being feminized. and sissified.
fantasies of being made to look more feminine and sexy turned into fantasies about being made to wear makeup and feminize my body by shaving and wearing corsets and waist cincher to make my shape more feminine.
fantasies of acting more feminine turned into fantasies of being forced to change my behavior and mannerisms on a daily basis in ritualistic ways.
fantasies of going down on my ex-girlfriend’s pussy after having sex turned into going down her after she had sex with another man.
fantasies of my girlfriend using a toy on my pussy turned into fantasies of being fucked with a strapon. being taken. being made her bitch.
those fantasies turned into fantasies of being made to act feminine around other guys and having sex with them.
what i fantasize about is being turned into a feminized submissive sissy slut by an attractive sexy seductive FemDom!
sissy begins her sissification
and my sissy dreams have become reality now that i have met Mistress Ann. starting with wearing lip gloss every morning which makes me think about my cum slut fantasies. *blushing* and sissy shopping assignments like buying finger nail polish. one lite pink called Wishful Pinking and one darker shade of pink called Sweet Sunrise. and other girly things when my Mistress sees that i am ready for the next step. and keeping me reminded that i am a sissy and focused on my sissy thoughts and feelings by writing in my sissy journal. writing my sissy thoughts and feelings and experiences and wearing lip gloss everyday keep me so aroused all the time now! i have butterflies in my stomach every time i write or even think about what i am going to write knowing others are going to read it and not just my Mistress. i have played with my sissy clitty every night ever since i became Her sissy!
i love being controlled and dominated and becoming a better sissy for Mistress Ann. i love being encouraged and seduced and reinforced in our sessions together. i will do anything to please my Mistress.
*sissy kisses*
sissyslutkendra :) :) :)
After reading sissykendra’s 2nd journal entry and having O/our session, W/we followed up with an instant message chat where I gave My sissy further instructions and graded this week’s journal entry.
Mistress Ann: Hello sissy
sissykendra: hiiiiiii Mistress *smiles*
Mistress Ann: how is sissy doing this week?
sissykendra: I am doing fine, thank You
sissykendra: and how are You this evening?
Mistress Ann: Mmmmm, I’m great!
Mistress Ann: sissy was instructed to get nail polish this week, did you obey?
sissykendra: yes i did, Mistress. i bought one in lite pink and one in a deeper shade pink as instructed.
Mistress Ann: and did you paint your toes when you got home as I instructed you?
sissykendra: yes Maam i have. they’re very pretty *smiles*
Mistress Ann: It’s unacceptable for sissy NOT to have your toes ALWAYS looking pretty from this point on, understand?
sissykendra: You mean everyday??
sissykendra: omg Mistress
Mistress Ann: yes, sissy. Every single day!
Mistress Ann: and I don’t want them chipped, or looking unkept! keep those toes looking pretty and feminine for Mistress.
sissykendra: yes Mistress. i understand
Mistress Ann: very good, sissygirl
sissykendra: thank You Mistress *smiles*
Mistress Ann: Now let’s talk about your poem
sissykendra: yes, Maam?
Mistress Ann: you state in the poem that “a sissy and her secrets, to none she’ll ever tell, til the right one comes along, and casts her seductive spell”
Mistress Ann: has a seductive spell been cast on My sissykendra?
sissykendra: *blushing* yes Maam I think so *smiles*
Mistress Ann: go on
sissykendra: ummmmm welll
sissykendra: i think its a submissive thing, being controlled by a sexy FemDom
sissykendra: its doing something to me
sissykendra: because I never talk about my sissy fantasies and desires with anyone
sissykendra: but with You ummm You somehow coaxed them out of me *smiles*
Mistress Ann: oh sissy, Mistress will dig deep inside that girly head of yours, and dig out ALL your darkest, deepest secrets
sissykendra: *blushing* oh that gives me butterflies!
Mistress Ann: if you mean by butterflies, My strap on, then your right on the money
sissykendra: *smiles* i can’t wait!
Mistress Ann: can’t wait for what?
Mistress Ann: ~wicked laugh~
sissykendra: lol
sissykendra: for Mistress to use Her strapon on me?
Mistress Ann: Mmmmm, I can’t wait to hear My sissy moan with pleasure when I fuck her and make her My sissy bitch!
Mistress Ann: lesbian love affair
Mistress Ann: how much does My sissy desire to have a lesbian love affair with Mistress
sissykendra: omg Ms Ann! I can hardly express! my heart melts when i think about doing that with Mistress *smiles*
sissykendra: i think that would be soooo delicious!
Mistress Ann: sissykendra better be ready to worship Mistress’s body, and MAYBE someday you will work up to having a lesbian affair with Me
sissykendra: yes Mistress *smiles* I would be soooo honored
Mistress Ann: Mistress understands that your fire was lit by your girlfriend, but from this point on, you will totally focus on being dedicated to Mistress, and pleasing ME
sissykendra: that is all i think about, Mistress *smiles* all day everyday!
sissykendra: i think i’m having dreams of You at night. Because I wake with an erection every morning now
Mistress Ann: excuse Me? I don’t think sissies have erections, do they?
sissykendra: ummmm I wake up with a swollen clitty *blush*
Mistress Ann: that’s better. Every waking hour you are to remember what you are inside. your EVERY thought will be, “How do I please Mistress Ann”
sissykendra: yes Mistress *smiles*
Mistress Ann: praying to My big black strap on as it takes your pussy ass
sissykendra: omg!
sissykendra: i think i’m getting wet!
Mistress Ann: focusing on being MY playtoy in front of My girlfriends as I have you parade around in skimpy lingerie
sissykendra: omg Mistress! ummm omg!
sissykendra: *giggles*
Mistress Ann: striving hard to become MY number one sissy slut
Mistress Ann: doing WHATEVER it takes
sissykendra: yes Maam i will do my sissy best to please You. and thank You for letting me buy panties this week. i have been dying to wear panties again!
Mistress Ann: you WILL put lipgloss on those cock sucking lips EVERY morning, and EVERY night
Mistress Ann: Because I know what that makes My slutty sissy think about ~wink~ And I want My sissy thinking about that on a daily basis. Understood?
sissykendra: *blush* yes Mistress
Mistress Ann: And Mistress looks forward to spanking your ass in those panties into deeper submission
sissykendra: yes Mistress
sissykendra: omg! i LOVE what You’re doing to me!
Mistress Ann: sissykendra’s journal entry is a good start, but I’m only giving it a C minus this week.
sissykendra: *pout* did i displease Mistress?
Mistress Ann: sissy will open up and explore your thoughts and desires more. Sharing fantasies that you have of Mistress using you for MY pleasure
sissykendra: yes Maam *smiles*
Mistress Ann: During O/our next session, your ass will be reminded that your ex-girlfriend no longer has a hold on you, but that you are MY complete property. you are MINE to control.
sissykendra: yes Maam i love being owned by You now *smiles*
Mistress Ann: Mistress understands that it will take sissy time to open up even more, but I do expect progress with every journal entry
sissykendra: yes Maam i do not want to displease You, Mistress
Mistress Ann: you will continue your next entry with fantasies of a sissy, and I will expect a segment especially dedicated to cock
sissykendra: *blush* yes Maam ….. and ummmmm, what about cock? lol
Mistress Ann: that My dear sissy, will be your thoughts
Mistress Ann: what you think about when you fantasize about cock. Do you think about sucking cock? being fucked by a man? pleasing a man? pleasing Mistress? I want to know  YOUR sissy fantasies and desires when you play with your clitty and think about sucking cock for Mistress. Is that understood, sissy?
sissykendra: ummmm
sissykendra: *giggles*
sissykendra: yes, Mistress *blushing soooo much!*
Mistress Ann: and one last thing, sissykendra
sissykendra: yes Mistress?
Mistress Ann: On your next journal entry, you WILL come up with a chant/mantra, or devotion that you WILL say to Mistress EVERYTIME W/we talk/message.
sissykendra: *smiles* yes Maam i will. like a sissy affirmation? or, what is it for?
Mistress Ann: to show your devotion to Mistress
sissykendra: yes maam, so this will be like how i greet Mistress from now on?
Mistress Ann: that is correct
sissykendra: yes Mistress *smiles*
Mistress Ann: due to the holidays, I will expect your next entry in two weeks
sissykendra: yes Maam. i hope You have a wonderful time this Christmas, Mistress
sissykendra: i will try to be at Your Christmas party this Saturday too, but i don’t know if i can make it
Mistress Ann: sissykendra?
sissykendra: yes Maam?
Mistress Ann: are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year?
sissykendra: ummmm yes Maam. But I don’t think that’s going to happen
Mistress Ann: sissy is instructed to kneel at the keyboard every morning between now and Christmas, check your pretty toes, apply lip gloss to your cock sucking sissy lips and type “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” to Mistress
Mistress Ann: and sissykendra is to make a girly mess first thing on Christmas morning, of course licking up the luscious mess with your mouth.
sissykendra: omg!
sissykendra: *giggles*
sissykendra: *blush* are You serious?
Mistress Ann: are You questioning Me?
sissykendra: no Maam
Mistress Ann: That is My present to you, sissy
sissykendra: *giggles* yes Maam
Mistress Ann: I’m waiting…
sissykendra: for?
Mistress Ann: what does sissy say when given a gift from Mistress?
sissykendra: oh. Thank You, Mistress Ann *smiles*
Mistress Ann: say it properly, sissygirl
sissykendra: thank You for letting me clean up my girly mess with my mouth for Christmas, Ms Ann *smiles*
Mistress Ann: good girl
Mistress Ann: Now. Any questions for Mistress before I dismiss your sissy ass?
sissykendra: ummmm. No Maam I can’t think of anything
Mistress Ann: Tell Me sissykendra, how did you enjoy tasting your cum for Mistress during O/our last session?
sissykendra: it made me ummmm….. well i’m blushing. it makes me feel more submissive to You *smiles* like it weakens me but gives me those wonderful butterflies
sissykendra: dizzy with lust
sissykendra: i can’t believe i did that!
Mistress Ann: Believe it sissy, because everytime I ALLOW you to make a girly mess, you WILL clean it up with your mouth!
sissykendra: omg!
sissykendra: *blushing*
sissykendra: yes, Mistress
Mistress Ann: sissy sluts mouths were made for licking up cum!
sissykendra: *giggles*
Mistress Ann: especially for Mistress’s enjoyment!
sissykendra: that makes me smile
sissykendra: omg! i’m such a sissy!
sissykendra: lol
Mistress Ann: Now off with yourself sissy, dream of cock and cum!
sissykendra: *smiles* yes Mistress. have a great night! and have a great Christmas, Mistress! You deserve it! *hugs & kisses*
Mistress Ann: I know visions of cock will be dancing in your sissy head! xoxoxoxoxox
sissykendra: *giggles*
Mistress Ann: And have those pretty panties by this Saturday, sissy!
sissykendra: yes, ma’am!
Mistress Ann: ~kisses~

sissykendra: *sissy kisses*


Follow sissy kendra’s journey with Mistress Ann!

Mistress has assigned her newest sissy, sissy kendra, to keep a journal of O/our journey together.  Mistress will be sharing it with all you sissies out there.  Look every week for new updates to sissy kendra’s blog. I encourage all sissies to comment, and share your feeling, thoughts, and maybe how you relate to sissy kendra!


Journal entry Dec. 6


Dear Journal

this is my first journal entry for Mistress Ann. i’m told this will be posted on Her sissy blog, so i hope its good enough to please my Mistress because i’m not used to this sort of thing. maybe its a punishment for not starting my personal journal like She asked before? i don’t know. but She also says this might be good for other sissies to read, and i want to be a good obedient sissy for Mistress, so i will do my best to please.
i have chatted with Mistress Ann a few times over the course of several weeks and i have shared many private things about myself that i have never shared with anyone except my ex-girlfriend. although i have shared much more with Mistress than i ever did with my ex. and one thing i can tell you is that sharing my secret fantasies with a Dominant Female is very exhilarating and very arousing. She says She “loves sissies!” and i believe that because She has been very accepting and understanding with me. and always encourages me to share more about my secret fantasies and desires, even if they are embarrassing to share. maybe even *especially* if they are embarrassing because She gets excited at the thought that i might be blushing when i tell Her my secrets. it gets me excited too!
a few days ago i finally had my first session with Mistress Ann. and omg was that a thrill! and surprising too, but in a good way. i didn’t know what to expect when i called. all i knew was that She was going to give me two sissy assignments – one writing assignment and one girly purchase assignment. and to have something handy for “spanking Her sissy’s ass.”
okayyyyyyy. a spanking? what for? She said just in case i disobey Her. so i had a hairbrush and wooden spoon (that’s all i could find) ready before i called.
so the first thing She did after we greeted each other was tell me to stand up and hold the hairbrush in my hand. my sissy clitty began to swell as She told me in a sweet and caring but stern manner that She was going to spank me for denying my sissy feelings (i told Her in our previous chats that i haven’t dressed up since i broke up with my ex gf) She was very direct. She told me i should embrace who i am inside. i should be proud of i am and that being a sissy is something i should not try to hide or run away from. now i know what it means to receive an erotic spanking. She made me say aloud between spankings “i will never again deny my sissy feelings.” “my sissy ass belongs to You.”
omg! my clitty was completely swollen and dripping before the spanking was over!
my next surprise that session was the girly purchase assignment i was to make before our next session – lip gloss. surprising because She knows i have been dying to dress up again and i do not have any girly things to wear. maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising because i recently shared some of my slutty sissy fantasies with Her. and that wearing lip gloss makes me think naughty thoughts.
i waited a few days before shopping for the lip gloss because i remember how embarrassed i used to get shopping for girly things. after um, being prodded to get it done one particular night, i went to the store and looked for a clear and a lite pink. and all i could think was “omg! i can’t believe i’m buying lip gloss and i don’t even have any panties!” my heart was racing and i know my face was reddened before i even went into the store. i didn’t want to look too long in the cosmetics area and waited until the isle was clear and gave Mistress a quick 10 minute call as instructed. it was mostly friendly and casual. but when i selected the styles i was to purchase She asked me “And does sissy think about when My girl wears her lip gloss on her sexy sissy lips?” “i can’t say that here!” i’m giggling about it now, but omg my face was burning! next time i’m wearing underwear snug enough not to show a tent in my jeans!
Here is the follow up between Myself and sissy kendra, after I read her first sissy journal entry.
Mistress Ann: so lets talk about the email, sissy slut!

Mistress Ann: the journal entry
sissykendra: yes, Mistress
sissykendra: did i please Mistress with my first journal entry?
Mistress Ann: Mistress was pleased with your first journal entry.
sissykendra: thank You, Mistress *smiles*
Mistress Ann: sharing your thoughts, and being very open.
sissykendra: yes, Mistress
sissykendra: did i share enough? was it too short or too long?
Mistress Ann: Mistress would give it a B plus. Mistress thinks that sissy did good job talking about how your clitty began to swell. However, I will expect when you write your journal entry to put in it if writing about what happened in the session is causing you to get excited again.
sissykendra: yes, Mistress. and of course it did!
Mistress Ann: ~smiles~ I know it did!
sissykendra: *giggles*
Mistress Ann: did sissy want to masturbate while writing in her journal? did sissy crave more spankings?
Mistress Ann: how did sissy’s ass feel the next day after the spanking?
sissykendra: *blush* yes, Mistress i did want to masturbate. and if my journal entries displease Mistress and thinks i deserve a spanking, i will obey.
Mistress Ann: ~smiles~ of course you will
sissykendra: there was some soreness. but not too bad *smiles* just enough to remind me who i belong to
Mistress Ann: sissy needs a reminder ~wicked laugh~
sissykendra: *laughs*
Mistress Ann: Mistress is pleased with sissy over all
Mistress Ann: with your journal entry
sissykendra: thank You, Mistress *hugs*
sissykendra: is this really going on a sissy blog where people can see it?
Mistress Ann: absolutely! sissy’s thoughts and feelings will be out there for everyone to read!
sissykendra: omg!
Mistress Ann: sissy will feel the humiliation as your life is an open book for everyone to explore and live vicariously through.
sissykendra: omg, Mistress *blush*
Mistress Ann: so when sissy displeases Mistress, or doesn’t obey, it will be on My blog.
Mistress Ann: as well as your punishment
sissykendra: yes, Mistress
sissykendra: You know i want to be a good sissy for Mistress
Mistress Ann: that WILL be your first priority
sissykendra: *smiles* yes Mistress
Mistress Ann: and sissy will be prepared for a spanking next session. As a reminder that you will share your feelings about how you feel while writing in your journal about your experience.
sissykendra: *blush* yes Mistress. i will not leave that out next time
Mistress Ann: I’ll make sure your sissy ass reminds you
sissykendra: *giggles* yes Mistress!
Mistress Ann: sissy’s next journal entry will be about “Fantasies of a Sissy”.
sissykendra: *blush* not *all* of them??
Mistress Ann: ~wicked laugh~ Not all of them, not yet! I do however expect to know what sissy thinks about as she rubs her clitty, your thoughts when you get in the shower, and how you want to please Mistress so that your fantasies become a reality.
sissykendra: yes Mistress. i will. this sort of excites me! *giggles*
Mistress Ann: sort of? Naughty sissy, tell the truth, it makes your clitty tingle, doesn’t it!
sissykendra: *giggles* of course it does! You know me too well already!
Mistress Ann: not as well as I’m going to know you ~wicked laugh~
sissykendra: lol
sissykendra: i’m so glad i started chatting with you, Ms Ann *hugs*
sissykendra: and these first two sessions were awesome!
Mistress Ann: ~smiles~ Mistress looks forward to O/our next session! Now My sissy is dismissed, and I will expect your next journal entry by Saturday and finger nail polish by Thursday.
sissykendra: yes Mistress. thank You!
sissykendra: i hope You have a great night *hugs & kisses*
Mistress Ann: ~winks~


Sissies Unite!


The second sissy support group meeting was wonderful.  Loved bringing the “girls” on air with Me and talking with them live!  Remember if you are over 18, have skype and a microphone, you can also be live on the air with Mistress.  The next sissy support group will meet July 22 at 1opm EST at .  Mistress welcomes you to come and share your experiences, ask questions and participate in the group.



This will be the topic at the next sissy support group.  What makes each sissy, crossdresser, transgender unique?  What is behind that kinky girl?  Just like every women out there, each sissy is different, and has unique qualities.  Come and share with the group.  What might seem like a minor “habit” or secret that you have, may be a blessing to your fellow sisters!



At every sissy support group meeting, Mistress will issue a challenge to you.  Are you up to a challenge? Put on your lipstick, grab a drink, and come join the fun of hanging out with like minded sissies.  Remember the group is called Sissy Support Group, but it is not limited to sissies.  Crossdressers and transgender are welcome.  Mistress understands that not all topics will apply to everyone, but still a wonderful place for support and fellowship.


I would love to hear your ideas about future topics.  Feel free to email Mistress at with any ideas or topics that you would like to see discussed.


Mistress Ann


First Sissy Support Group Meeting A Success


I want everyone to know just how much I enjoyed the first Sissy Support Group.  Everyone that attended participated and shared.  Opening up and sharing their stories on how their journey begin.  The first meeting was very simple with everyone sharing their story, and going over basics that W/we sometimes overlook.  Mistress challenged everyone to set goals, and work towards them.  Coming together as a group to work towards them.


I know these are basic tips, but so IMPORTANT!

Take care of your skin!  It’s so important to drink water!  DRINK UP!  Drink at least 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water everyday.  It will make  your skin silky smooth and keep it hydrated.


Use a cleanser twice a day.  I recommend in the morning and before bed.  The cleanser I recommend that is very reasonable is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, just make sure it doesn’t get in your eyes.

Next use Aveeno Clear Complexion- great for dry skin, good for acne prone

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion- Leaves skin moisturized, be sure and use twice a day.

Exfoliation- This step is so important.  I recommend St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  It has little granuales that get off dead skin, and make your skin shine.  Be sure and rinse away.

The final thing I recommend is masks.  One that I highly recommend is Mask of Magnaminty.  It has seaweed and granules, it  dries a bright green.  Makes your face look excellent, when applying do it in circular motions.   It’s also great to use on your back.  If your back gets sweaty from the summer heat and breaks out, it will help it as well.

Oh I almost forgot, nothing is more unattractive then black heads on and around your nose.  Be sure and pick up Biore Nose Strips and place it on your nose.  Rub it on there, and then peel off quickly to remove black heads.  I know this is not attractive, but a girl should always look best.  When you look your best, you feel sexy and naughty!


Take time for yourself every week!  Pamper yourself, remember your worth it, and if you don’t take care of yourself, no body else will.  I have included a home made facial mask, that is inexpensive.  Try it and let Mistress know how you like them.


Perfect for all skin types, and oh so easy to prepare! It will make your skin feel new, and rejuvenate it!

  • 1 tbsp oatmeal, finely ground
  • 1 tbsp live, organic yogurt (skip the flavored stuff)
  • A few drops of honey


Add the yogurt to the oatmeal in a small bowl and mix together.

Warm a few drop of honey. To do this, warm a spoon under hot water for a minute, then add a few drops of honey to the spoon.

Stir the honey into the yogurt and oatmeal mixture.

Apply the mask to the face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off with several splashes of warm water. Follow with a warm washcloth.

Apply moisturizer.


Mistress wants to hear if you tried this and how you enjoyed it! Don’t be shy, share with your fellow groupies.  Also if you have a special mask that you make at home, please feel free to share.


PS- If its not possible to get all the products that Mistress has mentioned, be sure that you at least wash your face every morning and night with a mild soap.  It’s so important to get the dirt and grime off.  It truly will make a difference later on in life! Work on picking up one item at a time if you are on a limited budget.  None of the items Mistress recommended are expensive.



Mistress Ann



Sissy Skin Care

Sissy Skin Care for Summer

Sissy skin care, and keeping your body nice, smooth and attractive for all the fun that summer brings will be the first topic at the sissy support group.  The first meeting will be June 24 at 10pm EST.  The meeting will begin by everyone introducing themselves, and sharing their . . . → Read More: Sissy Skin Care


Sissy Support Group Date Set!

Come Sissies, Crossdressers, and Transgender

The Sissy Support group has it’s first meeting set for June 24 at 10pm EST at .  Mistress had previously announced that the support group would meet once a month, but I have decided that the group will meet every other week.  The second meeting will be July . . . → Read More: Sissy Support Group Date Set!


Steak and BJ Day Celebration!


Come and celebrate Steak and Blow Job Day with Mistress Ann at 11pm EST at .  You can tune in and listen at ! Now you may be asking yourself what is Steak and Bj Day?  It’s the male equivalent to Valentine’s Day.  However, there . . . → Read More: Steak and BJ Day Celebration!


Sissy Support Group Coming Soon!


Mistress will be hosting a support group for all fem!  The support group will meet once a month over at  Time and days to be announced soon.  It will be a limited group so that all participating will be able to share experiences, stories, tips, tricks, . . . → Read More: Sissy Support Group Coming Soon!


The Newest Sissy Interview Done By panty sue interviewing Ms Ann's steph

Here is a new interview done by panty sue, interviewing Ms Ann’s steph!  A great interview!  Usually steph is the one doing the interview, but the tables were turned and steph is the one being interviewed this time!  A great job ladies!

Be sure and check out previous interviews on the page Sissy Interviews.  . . . → Read More: The Newest Sissy Interview Done By panty sue interviewing Ms Ann’s steph